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Facebook and Twitter Media Marketing on Mobile Phones

In the last couple of years, cell phone companies have made it much easier for you to engage in social media networks on your mobile devices. Cell phone users can easily access Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks through mobile applications or web browsers. I’ve outlined the marketing strengths for both Facebook and Twitter optimization below.

Twitter Mobile Social Media Marketing:

Twitter is ideal for mobile marketing due to its ease of use, and viral marketing benefits. Twitter has contains a 140 character limit, which is similar to standard text messaging. Storing, retrieving, and disseminating mobile content can be done with the touch of your finger. Tweeting time sensitive events or news is easily accomplished. Websites like Engadget and Gizmodo have mastered this effort by providing live feeds from news conferences like the iPhone 4 press conference. These real time Twitter streams can populate in Google’s real time search results, which can deliver a powerful viral marketing opportunity. In addition, Twitter consumes minimal bandwidth and is easily accessible through regular wireless networks.

Facebook Mobile Marketing:

As soon as companies discovered the incredible potential of viral marketing through social media networks such as Facebook, marketing experts began breaking apart all the possible channels of visibility. Now that you can post valuable marketing and advertising content to an already interested audience, for FREE, you can reach more of your target market in a timely manner. Facebook messages and wall posts remain visible for quite a while, so you only need to put your message out there once for it to be spread to the masses.

Most people with smart phones keep up with social networks, and have Facebook applications. This means that they are receiving instant marketing material to their pocket, with very minimal time and financial investments from the company.


Businesses have made huge strides with their mobile media and social marketing campaigns. Companies like Nike have recently used traditional marketing pieces like billboards to spur mobile interaction.

Earlier this year, Nike implemented a 23-story billboard in Times Square that encouraged people to use their cell phones to text in their own custom design and receive a free pair of Nike IDs.

People excited about the Nike ID campaign

Many other companies have jumped on the text-to-win bandwagon. Old school companies such as JCPenny offer coupons and discounts to customers via text, and many radio stations offer “text to win” options for concert tickets and more. This mobile marketing and social media combination is proving to be a very important marketing partnership, and it will only become more valuable in the years to come.

Curated by Deepak Gupta.

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