Choosing promotional products is like walking a thin line. While you want to find something that excites your customers and clients, you also want items that will work with your budget. Using promo items is a simple way to remind those who purchased from you before about your services or products, and handing out these items can lead to repeat business.


Tote Bags

Personalized tote bags are one of the best promotional products that you can buy for your company. Made from canvas or other lightweight materials, most bags have a simple design that features a flat bottom with two handles at the top. You can choose smaller and simpler bags that can only hold a few items, or you can opt for larger bags that are perfect for carrying groceries. You will also have dozens of different color combinations to choose from, and your logo can be imprinted on the front of the bag for repeated brand exposure every time the bags are toted by customers.


Cooler Bags

In today’s world, many people are concerned with saving money. When you choose custom cooler bags to give to your customers, you will give them something they can use that will also help them save money. It’s a fact that people save money by bringing their lunch to work instead of eating out every day. Offering custom cooler bags as premiums or giveaways enable your customers to take their lunch to work during the week, which will result in substantial savings. The bags keep refrigerated items chilled when a refrigerator isn’t available making them very convenient. These custom cooler bags also usually have enough room for a drink and other snacks as well.


Promo Pens

Business owners sometimes forget the impact that promotional pens have on current and prospective customers. Think about the last time you found yourself in desperate need of a pen. You probably rushed around your home or office, and you likely felt relieved when you finally found one. Giving away pens that are imprinted with your company’s name and logo is an extremely effective way to get the word out about your company because everybody needs pens. Customers will carry your pens around in their pockets or purses, and they’ll find dozens of uses for them.


Customized Playing Cards

Give your customers a fun way to pass the time with customized playing cards. Options range from the traditional 52-card decks to more complex sets that feature multiple packs of cards, poker chips and other poker supplies. With your company logo or name on the back of each card, your customers will remember you every time they play.


Company Calendars

Calendars are very useful to most people, who want to keep track of important dates as well as holidays and special events. However, many people forget to buy a calendar at the beginning of the new year. This is where your company can save the day! Whether you opt for calendars with images relating to your company, or day planners with your name, address and website URL imprinted on the front, you’ll give customers something that will keep your name on their lips for days and months to come.




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  1. The key is to utilize promotional products that will actually be used. If they are thrown away or hidden in a drawer somewhere they aren’t worth the investment. Useful items may cost a bit more but they will actually generate brand exposure.

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