By Brian Cristiano

CEO – Executive Creative Director at 24DP

Social Media is a powerful tool – when used with consistency.

In the advertising industry we are surrounded by agencies claiming to be digital experts, however many of them don’t even bother to update their Facebook page. On the flip side you can find many that do, but with little to no interaction. They sell this service to their clients, but don’t focus on their own social media development.

Social media is a consistently evolving platform that if you don’t keep up with, you lose track of. This is clearly seen with agencies that promote the service, but don’t utilize it for themselves. It’s the classic case of “setting and forgetting.”

For 24DP, social media is not only a valuable asset to our clients, but also for our business. It serves as an open communication forum for our consumers and competition. It gives our brand a personality, and allows us to reach out and build relationships with other companies and industry folks. Many agencies may have more twitter followers or Facebook ‘likes’ then 24DP, however we are focused on the quality of followers and interactions – not the volume. Since creating Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts, we have established several business relationships that have turned into revenue generating clients.

We also use social media as a feedback process. As our following continues to grow, we’ve noticed better and more detailed responses to our posts. There’s a lot of interaction going on – and we’ve adapted and listened to all of the comments we’ve received for both development and business purposes.

Facebook and Twitter aren’t just podiums for our work, but an essential tool in our creative process.

Our understanding of the importance of social media goes beyond Facebook and Twitter, though. We realize that by creating viral videos for the masses about our industry not only humanizes our brand, but advertising as a whole.

Wasteful Advertising Agencies

At 24DP we love what we do. We love creating commercials and content that people enjoy. We also love the fact that we’re able to share what we make to a winder audience thanks to these online platforms. Our ability to communicate with people across the globe, who, without social media, may not have known about us or our clients, is something we greatly value.

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5 Comments on Advertising Agencies are Social Media Posers: Not 24DP!

  1. Social media is an inter mediator between customer and business.customer reach business via social media and vice the way your post is very informative.

  2. I think there’s a misnomer on “practicing social media”. If an agency doesn’t have a Twitter account (or whatever), it doesn’t mean they don’t understand that tool. Indeed, understanding it might actually persuade an agency that they shouldn’t use it.

  3. Don Quixote says:

    Posers? First of all, you have a decent premise for an article here, however you’ve turned it into ‘look what I can do!’

    So what is it that they are doing wrong? Sure not everyone uses it properly, but by calling them posers you’re implying they aren’t doing it right. Since you claim to have a revolutionary hold on social media, what is it you’re doing thats new? You can’t just label a video as ‘viral’ and claim it a marketing victory. As far as I can tell your twitter account is full of posts from someone elses blog. Isn’t this the definition of being a poser?

  4. pantelis says:

    I couldn’t agree more, check out this post

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