Want to boost your AdWords campaign profits? Then you can’t afford to miss the upcoming AdWords Advantage Online Seminar to learn the latest in mission critical pay per click secrets to success during 18 online classes May 10-19, 2011. Read on to find out the Top 10 Reasons to Attend and How You Can Maximize Your Pay Per Click ROI, plus find out details about the FREE preview webinar…

The AdWords Advantage experts include the industry’s best: Craig Danuloff, David Szetela, Dennis Yu, Fred Vallaey’s, Justin Cutroni, Kevin Lee and many more. These experts will help you learn the quickest ways to improved website rankings, better Quality Score and lower keyword Cost-Per-Click.

Why the AdWords Advantage Online Seminar is a Must Attend for All Marketers! You’ll Learn How to:
1. Setup an effective AdWords campaign and grow your business
2. Apply proven PPC techniques that yield higher conversions
3. Leverage social media to improve your AdWords campaign performance
4. Personalize your keywords to meet the needs of your specific market
5. Utilize the top tools and solutions to save time and cut ad costs
6. Control costs and improve conversions on content campaigns
7. Optimize AdWords and track your campaigns using Google Analytics
8. Develop an effective AdWords and Social Media marketing plan
9. Improve your Quality Score and combat costly mistakes
10. Properly measure AdWords beyond the last click

And don’t miss the Sneak Peak Pass to the FREE Preview Webinar on April 28th 10 AM/PDT: PPC Beyond AdWords – Reach More Targeted Customers with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn join David Szetela, CEO of Clix Marketing, covering the Top 10 Simple and Effective Techniques for Getting the Most Out of Social Media Advertising!

This is a great training seminar for all marketers who want to get ahead of their competition using AdWords. Register and Save 50% –and don’t forget to check out the free preview webinar!




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4 Comments on Join the AdWords Experts – Learn Proven Strategies to Maximize Your ROI

  1. Dave Thomas says:

    It really pays (literally) to learn everything that you can turn into an advantage in PPC with how Google has been playing around with its significance. A good track record of successful PPC campaigns is also very beneficial for a digital marketing career.
    Dave Thomas´s last blog post ..Tesoro to Buy BP’s Carson Refinery

  2. I have attended some workshops that have really helped me increase the ROI and conversions from PPC ads with Google. One thing that I know really has helped us is creating compelling ads that entice clicks. This is an important step in the PPC process.

  3. Seems like a great seminar. Can’t believe I missed it. Are there any more coming up soon?

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