Coupon clipping is like sending little love notes to the most important people in your life--your consumers.

Coupon clipping is like sending little love notes to the most important people in your life–your loyal consumers.

With advances in technology, the world of coupons–which once consisted largely of simple flyers stuffed in newspapers–has advanced as well. Today there are numerous ways to save. One of the methods some stores are using to help bolster their business involves harnessing couponers’ desires for a good deal through the use of loyalty cards and the offering of customized savings. Through programs of this sort, retailers target individual customers, offering them discounts specifically selected to fit the consumers’ buying patterns in an attempt to win over these buyers.

In-Mail Savings

Thanks to modern technology, stores can easily track customers’ purchases when they use their loyalty cards–or even their credit cards–and use this information to make educated guesses about who the customer is and what she’ll buy next. These businesses can then use the information they gather to produce and mail customer-specific coupons to the customers, giving them tailored discounts on the items they’ll most want. Because these coupons are store specific–meaning they can’t be used with another vendor–they help ensure that the shopper visits the store that sent the savings instead of one of its competitors. This mailing of tailored coupons also leaves the customer feeling exceptionally special, as the coupon mailer often bestows the recipient with a “valued customer” or a similarly complimentary title.

Paperless Savings

Some of these personalized savings are even easier to take advantage of. Many personalized savings programs include–or consist entirely of–discounts loaded onto the shoppers’ loyalty cards. In this type of savings scheme, customers need only fill their baskets with items and swipe their card to receive the promised savings. Some companies alert customers to the special savings they can take advantage of via email or online communication while others mail flyers containing a breakdown of all the special savings the customer can enjoy.

Help Customers Come Back

The goal of these focused savings opportunities is two-fold. First, this technology allows stores to show their customers that they know what the customers like. It allows the grocery store, for example, to ensure that discounts on diapers and formula go to a mom while discounts on aftershave and game-day snacks go to a sports-loving bachelor. This level of personalization makes the customers feel as if they’re more than just one in a mass of consumers, but instead distinctive individuals. These programs also help ensure that customers return to the store offering them. By building this brand loyalty, stores can convert infrequent shoppers into diehard loyalists, something that, when done in mass, will certainly have a positive economic effect.

Customized coupons and loyalty card discounts can be effective ways to win over discount-loving consumers. Though seemingly complex, thanks to the wealth of information that can be accessed in stores’ computer systems, implementing this kind of program is actually deceptively simple. Through the use of tailored discount programs of this type everyone wins: The customers, hungry for that great deal, get the savings they seek while the business owner, desirous of repeat business, effectively creates a network of brand-loyal buyers.




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