Over the past 9 months, my business partner and myself have been building a location independent local internet marketing firm.  We also create cool products like this one.

At times, it can be quite challenging, but we wouldn’t want any other lifestyle.  We manage our workers, clients, and everything else from mobile locations- wherever WiFi is available.

Building a mobile business requires patience, ingenuity, and excellent communication. We leverage a handful of online tools to collaborate, manage, and work on client projects.

Theoretically, we don’t even need to carry around our own laptops, if we didn’t want to.

By building a mobile business, we are able to live a pretty extraordinary lifestyle.  Over the last 6 months we have traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia, and are currently writing this query from Vietnam.  We have soaked up the sun on some of the best beaches in the world, ate the finest local cuisines, and been able to network and create lasting business relationships along the way.

By being on the road a decent amount of the time, we have learned to use our time more effectively and can complete as much work in 3 hours, as we previously could in 8.

That being said, the traditional 9-5 is broken in our eyes.  As humans, we only have the ability to produce high quality work for up to 3 hours straights and 6-8 hours total a day.

As entrepreneurs, it is tough to disconnect and take time away from our computers, but trust us – the time away will pay back tenfold in terms of creativity and productivity.

Our advice for building a mobile business?

Look to new startups and cloud-based software to eliminate the need to be grounded.

  • Dropbox – Share files with anyone and access them at anytime. Amazing.
  • Teamwork PM – The best project collaboration platform available.
  • Google WikiIntranet for knowledge sharing + internal process documentation. Google sites #FTW.
  • Skype – Communicate with co-workers and clients anywhere in the world for Free.
  • Grasshopper – Make your business truly mobile. International redirect anyone?
  • Eyejot – Get personal again with video messages.
  • Jing – Great tool to capture screen videos and share with anyone.

Hire a virtual workforce. Free college interns anyone? Outsourcing to the Philippines is a great alternative as well – just be prepared to be patient and provide clear documentation and processes for them to follow.

Slash and Burn all the things that keep you grounded. (A.K.A. – That office equipped with the fax machine, photocopier, and printer you don’t need at all.)

Go paperless. We use paper to brainstorm. That’s it.

Process. Process. Process. The more you process your business, the easier it will be to remove yourself from it. You know, so you can actually do things you care about.

Stop the information overload. Stop checking your email, blackberry, and twitter account – you have more important things to be doing.

Take the Leap. When starting out, a location independent or mobile business can be very daunting to setup.  The concept is still very new, but 200% worth it.  We recommend you to take the leap, and never look back to the time when you were chained to your office.


Evan Shoemaker & Andy Josuweit

Wafflehaus Media | Local Business Internet Marketing

Evan Shoemaker

Evan Shoemaker

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