I use the law of attraction in my business every day. I have a different term I use though. I call it the metaphysics of Business. I have taken a lot of the business courses that teach people how to ask for the sale and to create marketing vehicles to get a product and service exposure.

I used them when I embarked on a career as an artist. I had a lot of success yet my body had many imbalances. That’s when I began to learn about the Metaphysics of Business and Soul Resonance.

There is a difference between manifesting what your personality wants for your business and what your soul wants. If your business is not aligned with your soul’s intent for this lifetime then there will be a cut off somewhere from it going further.

In my business as an artist this took the form of displays collapsing as well as paintings being switched and stolen. I learned that due to the circumstances I had experienced in my early life I had a limited view for my business. At the same time those early traumas were also part of my purpose.

The art was only one facet of what I had to share. Later my artwork would be incorporated in a different way than just selling beautiful paintings to make a living.

I discovered that what I communicated to the world was more than in the words I spoke or the paintings I created. There was also a hidden communication through the vibration I was putting out to the world.

As I have made the shift from looking at what people would want from me to what I am here to share from my heart I have begun to attract more interest in what I am doing.
Memories of mental and emotional traumas where I had cut off my heart’s expression get triggered. As those traumatic memories are transmuted and replaced with my Soul’s blueprint I am now attracting new opportunities.

This has translated into more Unique Visitors to my website. In a year and a half, I have gone from having 637 unique visitors to 3,767 a month without any updates to the site. I have been focused on transforming myself to be able to receive more clients to offer my services to.

Even though my website needs work I have more people contacting me. This is the Law of Attraction with Soul Resonance at work. My website stats reflect my transformation as those visitors are on my site longer.

I do a regular call: “I call forth through my higher self those people across the globe that require my services to find me and my website”. Regularly, within 24-48 hours I have someone contact me. Try it and see how it impacts your business.

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  2. uberalchemy says:

    Synchronicity drove me to your article today. Nice topic and well written! I just finished sharing a glimpse of my journey of struggling for years before finding a career I resonated with on my page here as part of a small campaign to inspire people when I came across a link to your article on twitter. It took me quite a long while to work through my issues and fears with my career. Now that I go with the philosophy of my career being an authentic expression of myself, it is all seeming to flow so much better.
    I’m sure my readers will benefit if you’d take a brief moment to pen down an achievement that makes you proud and what you overcame to get there here ow.ly/ddoRZ. You are welcome to share a link back to this post of you like 🙂
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