Branding on November 16th, 2013

Your brand is the face, definition and representation of your company all in one. Branding is extremely important because it tells people what your company does as well as what it stands for. However, branding is often overlooked by business owners and pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Below are six reasons why […]


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I have been Facebook friend with Olga Kostrova, serial entrepreneur, marketer and wife of Jan Hutchins for years now. Since Olga and Jan married and started SocialAgenda Media, a thought leadership marketing company that they run together, I’ve had a chance to observe the palpable joy in their social shares and photos that represent their […]


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Dating and marketing. These two words are probably not the ones that you would usually pair with each other. Yet, as unlikely as it may seem, getting or meeting a date in trade shows and other marketing events isn’t all that unthinkable. In fact, trade shows and product launching days are some of the best […]


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QR Codes are the most popular way to lead users and customers from offline content to an online interactive experience using nothing more than a Smartphone. While the QR Code is a great tool for customer engagement, their unappealing, meaningless computer generated design offers no incentive for people to like them, let alone interact with […]


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Karate Training At Home on December 17th, 2012

Have an interest in the martial arts? Want to have your own instructor you can carry around with you wherever you go? Want training on demand for a fraction of what local schools / dojos are charging. That is where comes in. I have actively trained in the martial arts since the early 80’s. […]


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Thomas Stone on September 20th, 2012

With advances in technology, the world of coupons–which once consisted largely of simple flyers stuffed in newspapers–has advanced as well. Today there are numerous ways to save. One of the methods some stores are using to help bolster their business involves harnessing couponers’ desires for a good deal through the use of loyalty cards and the offering […]


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Thomas Stone on August 28th, 2012

To some extent marketing is about creating scarcity where there was none–even if that scarcity is merely psychological.  As such, marketing basic necessities that are traditionally thought of as banalities, and which are available in abundance is always a challenge. Is marketing a water filter the same as marketing any other product? For years, manufacturers […]


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If you’re looking for a way to promote yourself or your business should look no further than social media. Thanks to various apps and programs that allow people to streamline the way they follow conversations on social media networking sites, people who may never have used these sites before can jump in and follow conversations […]


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The most effective online marketing requires a diversified approach. It’s not enough to, for instance, pour every ounce of your energy into ranking high in organic search for a handful of keywords. Nor is it going to work for you to focus your efforts solely on banner ads. Email marketing only works well if you […]


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