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A Problem of Perception: Dot-coms vs. Social Media Marketing Ever since the buzz about the ‘coming tech bubble’ started – roughly speaking, sometime in the last month—I’ve noticed myself having this conversation a lot: Some Guy: Where did you say you work again, man? Me: I work at [a locally well-known marketing and SEO company.] […]


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I run a content marketing and online publicity startup, called SixEstate Communications. We have a full-time team of three. I’m located in NYC; my partner, Steve, is in Virginia; and our head editor and publicist, Tatyana, is in New Orleans. We also work with a network of freelance journalists and editors scattered across the country. […]


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Skype is the ‘Jetsons’ philosophy for communications. I started using Skype to talk ‘eye-to-eye’ with my sister across the country. Then, when I found it was more than a novelty, I began to encourage various colleagues to get on Skype. At first, using the tool was a bit uncomfortable, because I didn’t know how to […]


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dgupta5150 on April 11th, 2011

Why are sports a seemingly universal frame of reference in Life? What takes place on the football field, racquetball court, or during the yearly Masters Golf tournament has startling contrasts to how Marketing works in the world we live in. The world of sports is quite a panorama of “Life lessons” that if understood can […]


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Athletes have many skills and qualities that translate outside of the sport environment to be able to produce success in business and in marketing.  Teamwork, goal setting and goal achievement are obvious traits, but what are some of the qualities less spoken about.   An ability to react quickly to circumstances – an athlete has […]


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With High Fuel Prices, Are Face-to-Face Meetings Necessary? With much work to do and so many online tools and options, face-to-face meetings could easily be a thing of the past. However, making a connection is important and some conversations are more effective in person so when you do get on the road for those meetings, […]


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sarang on March 26th, 2011

Sarang Gupta offers some great advice on how to avoid wasting your time with employers that may be unscrupulous without any regard to a candidate’s or consultant’s fuel burned – currently at over $4/gallon in many cities.  Let’s read some of his tips: “Interview the company”.  It’s always been a good idea when job-seeking, even […]


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