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Testimonial of the Solo Sheet


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Believe it or not, you do not actually need a business degree in order to succeed in the world of business. There are so many ways to do business these days that all you really need is a willingness to learn the industry you choose. Below are five ways that you can succeed in marketing […]


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Small businesses comprise the majority of U.S. employers, accounting for over 75% of all companies. While most thrive and have success for many years, others struggle and often fail within the first year. There are many reasons why a business fails, but one way to avoid having that happen is to gain a good understanding […]


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  Managing data in businesses has given rise to numerous ideas to achieve efficiency. Data quality and categorization of structured and unstructured data in large volumes has prompted companies to explore solutions to growing data management problems. Here are some ideas that may help your business manage data long term. 1. Try Finding a Company […]


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I have been Facebook friend with Olga Kostrova, serial entrepreneur, marketer and wife of Jan Hutchins for years now. Since Olga and Jan married and started SocialAgenda Media, a thought leadership marketing company that they run together, I’ve had a chance to observe the palpable joy in their social shares and photos that represent their […]


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Thomas Stone on August 2nd, 2012

SEO marketing is constantly evolving, so sticking with old strategies will get a marketer nowhere fast. Dealing with new strategies is a gamble, however. How do you know which ones will work and which ones won’t? By taking a closer look at SEO and inbound marketing, you can pick and choose which marketing tactics you […]


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Thomas Stone on March 22nd, 2012

Many companies have jumped on the Groupon bandwagon in recent years. This website, which offer group discounts at participating businesses, has become an effective way to save money during difficult financial times. However, there have been numerous cases reported by various agencies including Technology Review that while these special deals may work out well for […]


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By Timothy Thomas There are very clear similarities between dating and marketing. Both rely on the same basic understanding – every interaction should improve the relationship.  If you focus your energy on making your relationship great with every partner, business or otherwise, you are bound to succeed. Not everyone understands the basics of good dating […]


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I was recently asked one of those questions that really make you go hmmm! The question was to do with how marketing was like a sport.  I did not have much of a response at the time. However, after thinking on it for a while I started to see some similarities, especially where business networking […]


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  Come see Guy Kawasaki and Charlene Li at The Blogging Strategies Summit in San Francisco on June 14 – 16th! Global Strategic Management Institute has gathered the best and brightest speakers in the blogosphere to present emerging strategies, tactics and case studies in the successful use of blogs to increase organic search engine optimization, […]


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