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My friend Vikram and I have had many chats about networking and I offered him a chance to offer a guest post on the topic – The years in business school, you get to see a lot of the good and the bad when it comes to networking.  The economy has definitely created a new […]


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What is BobCarMedia? BobCarMedia is an experiential, mobile marketing tool that allows potential consumers to “test drive” products or services outside of the traditional retail environment. BobCars are sleek, brightly colored, eco-friendly cars that function as mobile showrooms. Each car is equipped with trained brand ambassadors that educate and empower the customer and deliver a close, one-to-one interaction with the […]


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I was lucky enough to connect with Career Guru, Darrell Gurney, who shed some light on how inbound marketing and lead generation are similar to managing your career.  Let’s hear Darrell’s take – Backdoor Job Search keeps you out of the box…because you’re not looking for a job! What does “backdoor” mean?  It refers to […]


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What did you do before becoming a Mobile Marketing and Digital Strategy Guru and how did you get into that industry? Prior to my current entrepreneurial role with L7z Group, my day-to-day career was in the corporate world where on the business side I managed, implemented and solved digital strategy challenges in technology with both […]


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dgupta5150 on December 19th, 2010

Richard S Deems, PhD, co-author with daughter Terri A Deems, PhD, of the new 5-Star book, Make Job Loss Work For You – Midwest Book Review wrote “… is a must for anyone who wants unemployment to only be a transition;” and the 5-Star book Leading in Tough Times, on Microsoft’s recommended reading list; and […]


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dgupta5150 on December 13th, 2010

By Jon Gelberg Chief Content Officer, Blue Fountain Media Thanks to technological advances, business has been transformed forever. Websites, e-commerce, online marketing, online communities and web-based content can all serve to enhance a company’s bottom line. Web marketing has become such an effective tool for businesses that many businesses have forgotten the importance of face-to-face […]


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Resume publishing service turns static document into dynamic, self-marketing tool; ensures great first impression on the web DoYouBuzz helps professionals design an effective online resume. Professionals use the elegant, customizable interface to significantly increase their visibility and promote their expertise and skills. DoYouBuzz is a great tool for someone that wants a professional website, but doesn’t […]


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dgupta5150 on December 5th, 2010

You have often been quoted as having said that we are entering “a new era of corporate transparency”.  What exactly does that mean? It means business decision-making will be conducted in an increasingly transparent manner that incorporates a more holistic, cross-functional approach.  As a result of changing attitudes toward risk and general animosity directed at […]


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dgupta5150 on November 28th, 2010

– What gave you the idea to start STUDENT at the wheel®? I am a Mom of 3.  Two of which have gone through learning how to drive.  It was a nail biting experience with both of them.  To this day I still think about their safety.  Over the course of a week or so […]


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