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One job, hundreds of applications – What does the graduating MBA do to standout?

A childhood friend of mine recently mentioned how he had come to meet a very diverse set of people. Be it a coffee shop, the bookstore or a grocery aisle – He said wherever there is a ‘queue’ therein lays the conversation and perhaps the next relationship.

Inspired by the conversation I began to wonder:  Now that we are graduating and looking for jobs, how do we go beyond the mundane websites and search engines?  The thought led me to ask myself – How can we each get our LinkedIn network to help us in this endeavor. I thought I would share a few ideas since my last posting of “Relationships Yes, Connections No.”

TARGET COMPANIES:  Create a laundry list of firms in the industry / vertical based on your choice of demographic criteria.

SEARCH ON LINKEDIN: Search those firms on LinkedIn and find someone in your list of connections who directly works for the firm or get introduced to the target connection through your LinkedIn network.

THE INFORMATIONAL:  Request an informational interview from the connection who works for the firm. Hopefully in the functional area you are trying to target.

THE INFORMATIONAL PART DEUX: During the informational, ask questions about the firm, the job, the culture, the industry and any specific challenges the firm is trying to resolve.  Express interest and appreciation for the time given by your newfound connection.

INFORMATIONAL AS AN OPPORTUNITY:  Offer your new LinkedIn contact to create a deck (A short PowerPoint presentation) that addresses specific challenges mentioned during the interview.  This is a small way of saying thank you and at the same time reinforcing your interest in the firm.

CAN YOU SUGGEST SOMEONE ELSE? Ask this new connection to refer you to other people in the functional area of interest. The more people you meet in the functional area of the firm the more you’ll know about the job and the firm.

CAN I HELP YOU? Ask this new LinkedIn friend if he/she needs any introductions through your LinkedIn network.

Reading the last 300 plus words may have overwhelmed you. Yes, the steps mentioned above are not for the meek but if you really want to work for the target firm and want to ensure they have a good look at what you to have offer – Go no further, this is it!

As I end this post, my thoughts take me to back to a great line from the movie City Hill; it goes like this “If you’re willing to be lucky, New York will give you a chance.” That and $1.50 will get you on the subway.

Vikram Moorjani is an avid networker finishing his MBA at The Merage School of Business – UC, Irvine.  His interests include Product Management, Innovation, Startups, Strategy and Consulting. Connect with Vikram at www.linkedin.com/in/vikrammoorjani

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2 Comments on WE ARE CONNECTED, NOW WHAT? By Vikram Moorjani

  1. Jodi says:

    Thank you for the article! The value of networking cannot be stressed enough!

  2. Shazeeye says:

    Great post Vikram!
    Shazeeye´s last blog post ..The Art and Science of Negotiation

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