Ross and Michael

Ross and Michael

What is web-based creative crowdsourcing?

Creative crowdsourcing is the act of outsourcing tasks through an open call to a large group or community of designers, writers, musicians, filmmakers, etc., a la a crowd.  A good example is crowdSPRING, which is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of creative services.  crowdSPRING offers logo design, web design, other types of graphic design, industrial design and writing services (such as company names) at an affordable price. Buyers post their creative projects and name their own price and, in turn, creatives submit their ideas and the buyer chooses the one they like best.  On an average crowdSPRING project, a buyer will receive more than 110 concepts.

What are the benefits of creative crowdsourcing for small businesses?

Creative crowdsourcing is a concept small businesses can not afford to ignore.  There are many advantages, including:

  • Fast turnaround and a smarter process
  • Massive creative choices
  • Quality creative work at an affordable price
  • Buyer determines a set-price so there is no going over budget
  • Payment is only awarded once a project is completed and deliverables approved
  • Ongoing feedback, revisions and messages with the creative community
  • All intellectual property rights are transferred to the buyer and a custom contract included

The crowdSPRING model specifically takes the risk out of buying creative services by offering buyers choices up-front – actual designs to choose from, instead of bids or proposals.

What are ways creative crowdsourcing could be used, especially for small businesses?

There are nearly 50 ways small businesses can use creative crowdsourcing, including:

  • Graphic design:  logo and stationary, clothing, CD/book covers, package graphics, brochure designs and illustrations.
  • Web design:  landing pages, banner ads, uncoded websites or pages, buttons, widgets, apps and blog page layouts.
  • Industrial design:  actual package designs and product designs.
  • Writing services:  company, product and domain naming; poetry, lyrics, short story, book and essay writing; resume, press release, marketing collateral, manuals, presentations, speeches, articles, business plans, tagline writing; and web content, newsletter, SEO/SEM, blog entry writing.
  • Videos:  viral videos, tutorials and TV commercials.
  • Music, voice-overs and audio services.

How do I know if I should use creative crowdsourcing or go the traditional agency route?

Traditionally, the creative services industry has been based on a singular practice: buyers ask for proposals and creatives submit bids. Buyers are then forced to choose a creative after sifting through portfolios, reviewing work done for other people, weighing one bid against another and ultimately making a choice and hoping for the best. Creative crowdsourcing sites like crowdSPRING change this market forever.  The evolution of digital technology and the way we conduct business has also changed.  Many small businesses can’t afford the hourly fee agencies charge or the time it can take to develop and execute a project.  To cut costs, fees and time, while at the same time generating award-winning creative, crowdsourcing is the solution.

Will I receive quality creative work?

The buyer or project manager begins by completing a detailed project “creative brief” that includes information about the business, target audience, concept and style needed.  There is also a place to upload information or files to share.  As submissions to each project come in, both the buyer and the creative community have an opportunity to provide feedback and ratings. The buyer ratings are important because they provide guidance as to what direction they’re interested in heading – which ideally creates a virtuous, “collaborative” cycle and the highest quality creative product.

crowdSPRING offers powerful community tools such as public profiles, private messaging, portfolios, and creative community forums.  Plus, if a buyer is not happy with the creative, crowdSPRING is one company that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Will I have access to top creative professionals?

For creatives, crowdsourcing levels the playing fields by giving talented designers and writers all over the world an opportunity to showcase their talent and contribute and communicate their ideas. By helping creatives reach a new, global market for their creativity, sites like crowdSPRING have challenged the current thinking on where great ideas come from. The truth is that a great idea can come from anyone, anywhere – whether they’re a janitor by day and a designer by night or a stay-at-home mom who doesn’t have the time to run her own web studio. The crowdSPRING community has thousands of experienced professionals, including agency designers and art directors, and marketing executives looking to supplement their income, some of whom were laid off during the recession.  Sites like crowdSPRING, make geography and title irrelevant, thereby opening new markets for creativity all the world over.  In fact, we proudly call our community at crowdSPRING, “The World’s Greatest Creative Department.”

How much do projects cost?

All creative crowdsourcing sites are different.  crowdSPRING projects start at $200.00.

Where can I go to learn more information about creative crowdsourcing?

Some of our favorite sites include:  Wired, AdAge, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and our very own crowdSPRING.  Mashable and TechCrunch are also good industry resources.

Curated by Deepak Gupta.

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