Danielle McCormick

Danielle McCormick

So Danielle, what is a Cubi?

A Cubi is like a profile page which anyone who provides any type of service can create to market their services. They say what skills they have and what area they cover. Their Cubi gets put on their local area map so others can see what they have to offer. They also receive leads whenever a relevant one comes up in their area.

What type of service provider can sign up for MyCubi?

Anyone! From the traditional such as handymen and web developers to the more obscure such as pet psychics. We want MyCubi to be the place where people come when they are looking for literally anything; from someone to plaster their pool to finding someone to feed their dog when they are away for a weekend. Our only restriction is that we do not allow adult services on the site. We want to try and keep it a safe place for kids and college students to earn a few extra bucks too.

What is Cubi Call?

Whenever anyone needs any type of service, they fill out a quick form saying what they want and when they need it. This is then matched up to all the relevant local service providers who in turn submit a bid for the job. The consumer can then choose their service provider based on their own criteria e.g. time available, price, qualifications or previous customer reviews .

Is there a charge for using MyCubi?

No – it is all free! It is free for consumers to post jobs and free service providers to sign up, create profiles and receive leads.

How to you intend to make money?

We want to keep the site free so we will get lots of users and then we intend to generate revenue from offering additional, optional services such as background checks, text messages, preferential listings, advertising and coupon services. We also have a new exciting feature in the works which we are keeping secret until we are ready to unveil it! But stay tuned, it’s going to be very cool.

What makes MyCubi different from any other jobs bidding site.

We’ve got soul. We see ourselves as much more than a jobs bidding site. Our passion is to connect people at a local level through the internet. Fifty years ago people would have known what everyone in their neighborhood does for a living and there was no need for the Yellow Pages. Now people live in neighborhoods and know very little about who their neighbors are and what they do for a living.

Our dream is that instead of someone going to the Yellow Pages to find a plumber they would look on MapView on MyCubi and maybe discover one of their neighbors is a plumber. Or if your computer breaks find there is a computer whiz kid college student in the same block. We would love to see MyCubi helping bringing communities back together and allowing people to get to know each other.

For this reason we allow people to barter or post unpaid jobs on the site. You might find someone to help you move your couch in exchange for a few beers. We know investors may see us as a ‘lead generation site’ but we see ourselves as much more. We are connecting people.

So what is in store for MyCubi?

We have lots of exciting plans in store. These include a big push onto mobile, background checks for service providers, text messages and also our ‘top secret feature’ which we are keeping under wraps. We are live across America now but hope to expand to international markets as soon as it is possible.

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  1. I think their business model is cool, and hopefully they can make enough money to keep the site going. The entire concept has the potential to change the consumer/service provider interaction for the better.

  2. Great resource, will use it myself.

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