By Timothy Thomas

Timothy Thomas, Professional Consultant, Motivational Speaker

Timothy Thomas, Seattle-based Consultant and Speaker

There are very clear similarities between dating and marketing. Both rely on the same basic understanding – every interaction should improve the relationship.  If you focus your energy on making your relationship great with every partner, business or otherwise, you are bound to succeed.

Not everyone understands the basics of good dating (and marketing). To be an attractive partner it is very important to be perceived as someone who is in demand.

People who are in demand attract others to them and are seldom turned down for dates (or work opportunities) due to a concept coined by dating gurus called “pre-selection.” Pre-selection is a type of screening mechanism for determining if something is desirable and worth having.

Each holiday season, the media poses the same question– “What is going to be the in-demand product for the holidays?”

Why would this matter? If there is massive demand, there is “social proof” that something is desirable. If everyone seems to want it, it must be important to have, right? Marketing and dating are the same way – if you are able to cultivate a sense of desirability in your product or yourself, it becomes an honor to work with you, or to date you. When you have something desirable, people will approach you and be eager for the opportunity to work or date you.

It’s important to have a desirable image, however to get good dates or score great clients it takes more than just seeming desirable and in demand. You have to demonstrate it.

Everyone understands the basic concept of supply and demand. Earlier we mentioned the news frenzy that revolves around “hot products” at holiday time.  This “heat” is really the concern that demand might outstrip supply. We are wired by nature to attempt to collect things that are perceived rapidly becoming unavailable. So to be an excellent marketer or dater, you must be in control of scarcity. There has to be energy around the idea that you or your product might disappear; that the marketplace on your goods, services, or companionship might become unavailable at any time.

Here is a simple parallel – To be a good dater you need to be busy and when you are available you must deliver massive value – giving more in focus on your partner than you collect in return attention. This will ensure the relationship continues and that your partner will agree to additional dates.

To be a good marketer, you need to be busy and when you are available you must deliver massive value – giving more in service than you collect in dollars from your client. This will ensure the relationship continues and that your client will agree to additional engagements.

In my practice I engage with multiple clients throughout my workweek. Although the logistics are sometimes challenging, as long as I ensure I am giving maximum value and communicating clearly to each one, they stay happy with my services. By avoiding the constricting relationship of employer to employee, my marketing advice is valued more highly and my time is considered more precious.

If you hone your marketing skills in this way you will become great at dates, and if you become great at dates the same skills will allow you to create massive success in marketing and sales.

Remember to always be adding value to the interaction and the rest will take care of itself.




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3 Comments on How are dating and marketing alike?

  1. A very good parallel and hopefully everyone can get the balance right with dating and marketing…both like you rightly said need 100% attention in order to succeed, and like marketing which nevers stops, dating, or keeping your date interested also should never stop!

  2. Suzanna
    Twitter: D8Maven

    Being desirable and in demand is the foundation for seduction. And there is nothing wrong with doing a little “image management” and personal branding to gain a better advantage in the dating market! Thanks, Tim, for writing this; it’s clear, helpful, and readable — hope it’s OK if I share it with a client!
    Suzanna´s last blog post ..WANTED: Passionate Marketing & PR Student Superstar To Help Spread Love In The Midwest

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