When done with some maturity and wisdom, dating and marketing aren’t alike at all. Marketing has only one purpose – to convince you to buy, usually something you don’t even need. It attempts to remind you how empty your life is without this magic widget and how much better your life will be once said widget is in your possession.

Now, how does this translate to the dating world? It doesn’t translate to the dating world – or at least it shouldn’t. Here’s why. Successful marketing of myself as a date, of necessity, must convince my partner of his deeply rooted longing for my fabulousness to share his orbit. This convincing, of course, is entirely without regard as to whether or not he has any organic interest in me apart from my manipulation. It also assumes that if he doesn’t have said interest, it is simply because he is unaware of his interest. It is my job, therefore, to reveal the truth to him and save him from his life of delusion.

Here’s the real deal. Dating should be nothing more than an enjoyable entertaining way to invest a predetermined amount of time for a specific purpose. So, if marriage is the goal, decide beforehand how long you’re willing to ‘research’ your potential before reevaluating your ‘relationship’. Meanwhile, enjoy eachother’s company. Keep a lid on your emotions, maintain your individual spaces and privacy, financial responsibilities should not extend beyond date expenses (i.e., nobody should be paying anyone else’s bills), and most of all – STAY HONEST! Lying is so unnecessary, especially when men lie to women. Fellas, women will usually date you anyway, even when you do tell the truth. Ladies, lying is too much to remember. Besides, he’ll find out eventually, then where will you be?


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10 Comments on How are Dating and Marketing Alike?

  1. great stof!

    You have to be a good marketer to sell yourself :-)

  2. it was fun but the reality is there. very idealistic title, unique from other article that’s the essence of writer i think.

  3. really title and description is amazing , how you combined dating and marketing that is so much good .

  4. haha! Fantastic post! As a single girl who is trying to start a business, I feel this is a very insightful analogy! Why do we try to sell ourselves to such a wide range of people who are not even within our niche market? A lot of us tend to adapt our personalities (market spiel) to suit the customer (man/woman) we are trying to win over. If anything we would be more strategic to focus on those who we can truly be ourselves around and not bother wasting time advertising to a market that just isn’t interested! Keep the posts coming Eden, I’ll follow for sure!:)

  5. What a great post and beautifully written too. There are many useful truths you outline here and this should be very helpful to people. Many thanks and look forward to more.

    • getbacktopassion@gmail.com says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. I’m looking forward to sharing more, as well. Enjoy your weekend! Eden

  6. simone hardy says:

    Excellent analogy especially the truth about us women who will date them anyway :).

  7. simone hardy says:

    Excellent analogy and so much truth esp. about us women dating them anyway – even when they tell the truth! Great article.

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