Resume publishing service turns static document into dynamic, self-marketing tool; ensures great first impression on the web

DoYouBuzz helps professionals design an effective online resume. Professionals use the elegant, customizable interface to significantly increase their visibility and promote their expertise and skills. DoYouBuzz is a great tool for someone that wants a professional website, but doesn’t have the time or experience to create their own. To get started, create a free resume today at

Highlights of the Service

  • DoYouBuzz gives both professionals and recruiters what they want. For professionals, the ability to stand out in a crowd with a unique look and feel. For recruiters, an easy-to-read and easy-to-share resume.
  • DoYouBuzz offers free and premium resumes. A free account includes one resume with a portfolio containing up to four multimedia files, access to most design templates and tracking information so users know how often their resume is viewed. Premium resumes are hosted on a personal domain name (, which adds another level of professionalism to the online resume. Premium also supports multiple resumes, special design templates and additional portfolio storage.
  • DoYouBuzz offers built-in SEO, so users appear near the top of results when searching for their name. 75% of users with a free account appear in the top 10 search results. 46% of DoYouBuzz Premium users hold the number one place on Google search results for their name after one month and 92% are present on the first page.
  • Features: export your resume to Facebook to increase your visibility, seamlessly integrate videos, presentations and documents, track your visitors and manage your privacy.

Supporting Quotes

  • Evy Wilkins, COO of DoYouBuzz Inc.: “The vast majority of recruiters recognize that a positive online reputation can tip the balance in hiring decisions. We help professionals ensure that the personal brand they control is the one everyone sees first.”
  • Ludovic Simon, founder and CEO: “While recruiting technology has been evolving over the last 10 years, the very crux of the machine — the resume — has yet to see a scalable, viable alternative. DoYouBuzz upgrades the resume to a web-friendly, standards-based source of professional information that will enable highly accurate matching and sourcing.

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About DoYouBuzz

DoYouBuzz ( allows users to create a beautiful, search engine-optimized resume with ease. By harnessing the potential of the web, the service helps professionals successfully promote themselves to recruiters, employers and business contacts. The company is based in San Francisco, CA and Nantes, France


Evy Wilkins
COO, DoYouBuzz Inc.

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