Elsa Prado

Elsa Prado

The formal dress code in the workplace will never be out of style simply because if we mean business, then we dress for “business.” I would not want to do business with a man in his pajamas. Nor, would I want to do business with a person that has not showered and combed his hair. With that said, I believe that if you dress like a professional you will be treated with more respect than if you show up looking like you are hanging out. If we are groomed, well dressed (doesn’t have to be expensive) and well mannered; we will be considered “Professional”.  As a person that works in a courtroom every day, I would not want to be confused with the defendants. The thought of even thinking of ever wearing a DOC (department of corrections) uniform makes my skin crawl. What we wear is representative of the role we play in society and what place we have in society.

My experience has been that my being well dressed has always made me get a good review when I have been evaluated. Sometimes I have been seen as being in an even higher position than I am in based on my attire and appearance. We all have an image to uphold. That image often times represents our employer. The type of employment that is being represented by what we are wearing. So when we market ourselves to the world, how we dress is how we are will be perceived by our potential employer. Many times we will be judged based on our appearance. We will project our self image to others by what we wear and the responses that we get from others will affect our self esteem and confidence.

When we take all these things and factor them in with how everything ties in together, we will realize that we need to dress the part to play the part. The effort that we put into taking care of our image goes hand in hand with the success that we will have when we go out into the working world.

At times the hurried lives we live and the numerous activities we have to carry out throughout the day may want us to have casual Friday every day of the week. But, when we have to really get out there to negotiate and make the deals that business requires of us to make then we want to be our best. Our best will be where our self esteem is raised to a higher level and we feel confident in a strong self image to deliver our work with style. Having class and a level of refinement will endure the trends that will come and go over time. Maintaining standards in the workplace is an integral part of doing business in a professional manner. The important fundamental factor which has carried from the very beginning of the business world.

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  1. bonnie@how to tie a necktie
    Twitter: sameer_kumar

    You are right Deepak , formal dress code wont be out of fashion in business. I agree that i dont want to do serious business with man in pajama.
    bonnie@how to tie a necktie´s last blog post ..How to Tie a Japanese Knot

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