A great advertising campaign can really make a new brand, or turn around a failing one. Get it right and your slogan could be infamous and effective for decades to come. Here’s our pick of the brands that did it right:


Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

The Old Spice brand was basically forgotten before this campaign launched in 2010, debuted at the Super Bowl. The campaign was phenomenally popular; with a 107% increase in sales of the body wash within 30 days of its beginning. The campaign showed how choosing a humorous character that appeals to both sexes to represent your brand can really work to give it some personality and appeal.

Mini Cooper – Let’s Motor

The Mini Cooper has always been loved in European countries, but in the US, where a larger style of car is preferred, it was fairly unheard of. This is where ‘Let’s Motor’ came in. The ad cleverly played up the fun element and pros of having a small car, and within ten years the US was the brand’s biggest selling country in the world.

Nike – Just Do It

Nike tapped into the fitness craze of the 1990s with this infamous campaign and slogan, and from 1988 to 1998 sales soared from $800 million to over $9.2 billion. Previously catering mainly to the marathon runner, Nike succeeded by tapping into a feeling we can all relate to when exercising, appealing to the average person.

Apple – Get a Mac

Apple’s Mac or PC debate campaign turned out to be one of their most successful, with a 42% market share growth in its first year. It cleverly played on the difference between a Mac and PC user, and made people feel that they knew the kind of person that used Macs, and of course would rather be him. The relatable nature of the ads really appealed to the audience.

Clairol – Does She or Doesn’t She

This 1957 campaign completely changed women’s attitude to hair colour. When it debuted, the amount of women colouring their hair in the US was 15 to 1, and 11 years later 2 to 1. The campaign was so successful some states stopped requiring hair colour to be declared on driver’s licenses! It made women feel they could have the hair colour they wanted, and it would look so natural people wouldn’t know if it was real or not.


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