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4 Comments on How are finding love and marketing alike by Antoinette Cabral

  1. Lu Li @ Dating and Romance
    Twitter: datingexpertips

    Great article Antoinette!

    And I do agree to Lee, making your ”good 1st impression” will lead you to a successful career as well as love life. But you have to be careful on balancing things, time and energy to avoid conflicts between love life and career.

    Thanks for sharing! Hope to read more articles from you.

  2. Couldn’t agree more, Antionette and just to add, the need to manage your image as well as to create a good first impression are important too in both marketing and courtship.

  3. Suzanna
    Twitter: D8Maven

    I’ve been saying the same but since it sometimes falls on deaf ears, I’m glad to see another dating coach backing it up! Some people understand that they must take charge and be strategic about their businesses and careers, but they haven’t yet brought that proactive attitude to their love lives! Spot-on advice, Antoinette!

    • Antoinette Cabral
      Twitter: sensualliving

      Your welcome Suzanna. Taking charge in your life will allow you to be successful in any area of your life. The people who aren’t satisfied in their lives and aren’t strategic are not going to be successful until they are committed to it! Thanks for the comment. :)

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