What did you do before becoming a Mobile Marketing and Digital Strategy Guru and how did you get into that industry?

Prior to my current entrepreneurial role with L7z Group, my day-to-day career was in the corporate world where on the business side I managed, implemented and solved digital strategy challenges in technology with both internal teams and vendors.  Acquiring much experience in the corporate front and in-between mentors, has led me to where I am today.  My untapped creative design, text savvy and passion for mobile enabled me to partner with Jeremy Bellman in 2008 and launch L7z Group.  Our core focus was using mobile technology to create a personal approach to brand initiatives and overseas’ market practices. Understanding business challenges and need for change, today our firm focuses on all mobile, social interactive platforms and, digital strategy and development across all advertising online mediums to include video advertising and gaming production.   Main offices located in New York, with satellite locations in Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale and Dallas.

What qualities and traits make for a good Mobile Marketing and Digital Strategy Guru?

Our team is a team of business experts across different industry markets.  We are not IT techs; we are not marketing execs alone.  We are a group of experts that understand the business from front-to-back and back-to-front.  We identify challenges, connect the dots and provide customized digital solutions.  Best quality is to understand the business first, not just shoot for a solution.

What tools of the trade do you use throughout your typical day and how do they help?

Our Online Reputation Management (ORM) tools and our mobile platform are key for daily interaction.  The “ORM” tools help keep us on our toes with any brand and consumer “buzz” engagement that we need to be aware of.  Whether it’s too much buzz, no buzz or bad buzz, our chief conversation specialists are quick to gear and strategize best approach.  The mobile platform becomes the heart of it all where all messaging centralizes, responds and reports 24/7. It’s not just part of our tools, it’s a team member!

I cannot help notice how many people call themselves Mobile Marketing and Digital Strategy experts.  Are they just throwing the title around or are there really that many Mobile Marketing and Digital Strategy experts out there today?

With today’s early adaptation of technology and savvy “M” generation, this was expected.  If you were not expecting this, then you were in denial.  As with anything in technology, remaining innovative and cutting edge is imperative while having that creative business model in sync!  There are strategic mobile marketers out there and there are simple content providers. There’s a big difference.  Usually due to who’s managing; the savvy Mobile Marketing or the uneducated client attempting to enhance their brand?  It at times also comes down to the platform functionality and eases with integrations.

Some of our readers are up and coming Mobile Marketing and Digital Strategy enthusiasts.  What advice can you give them and how can they get that seal of approval of becoming well versed in the industry?

Unfortunately, this is not an industry that you’re prepared or schooled for in most cases so a lot is on you.  Engorge in materials that show you who is doing what and what the success rates have been – case studies for example are a great tool for this.  Think outside of the box, apply your concepts to being different, and conceptualize them to target a different industry market “creatively.”

Currently what are the best websites for promoting Mobile Marketing and Digital Strategy and why?

www.mmaglobal.com Mobile Marketing Association – compliance, governance
www.ctia.org CTIA Wireless – reputable
www.mobilemarketer.com Mobile Marketing– mobile trends
www.mashable.com Mashable – social and media trends
www.nielsen.com Nielsen – data, insight, research

What kind of tips do you have in writing stories for our Readers?

Engage, interact and provide an experience.  Make it personal, make it emotional.

Give us one of your biggest accomplishments? What are you future goals?

Accomplishment: Leaving the corporate world and stepping into the Entrepreneur realm with L7z Group, business partner and team.  Future Goal:  Moving into the multi-cultural market and expanding abroad.

If you could improve one thing in your Mobile Marketing and Digital Strategy, what would it be?

Moving faster into the multi-cultural market as mentioned previously.  This is such an untapped market, yet they have been using mobile devices with better technologies, much before we have here in the states.

What are some of the biggest mistakes that people make in Mobile Marketing and Digital Strategy?

Failure to optimize, monetize and/or promote a client’s mobile site properly.  Synchronize all platforms to virally promote traffic with an interactive marketing plan.

We cannot ignore Mobile Marketing and Digital Strategy, its popularity is skyrocketing.  What advice do you have for people that want to use your ides to promote their business?

Go with a firm that understands your business.  If you’re given a solution or platform recommendation without accessing your goals and strategy development, run. Contact me instead at GAraya@L7zGroup.com or you can text MYL7z to 83071 for a digital solutions strategist (standard msg rates may apply).  We will be sure to find our business synergies and/or gladly make a referral recommendation.

You are one of the top Mobile Marketing and Digital Strategy Gurus in the world, who do you look up to and turn for advice in this field?

In no particular order:  Steve Jobs, Peter Mashable, Dennis Crowley, Bill Gates, Federico Pisani Massamormile and Steve Largent to name a few. In my head, we are close friends J


Gonzalo Araya

Principle, Chief Creative & Analytics Officer

Gonzo loves an adventure. It’s not just about how you get some place, but more importantly why. Whether he’s diving out of a plane at 13,500 feet, kayaking on the ocean, or designing and implementing technology solutions, it’s about trying something new, gaining experience, and efficiently managing optimal outcomes.

From identifying a $5M untapped market for the Broward County Visitors Bureau, to implementing a revenue-saving scheduling system at Spirit Airlines, Gonzo has always combined analytical research with big ideas to strategically address business challenges. As an Analytics Advisor for LNR Property, a subsidiary of the second largest US homebuilder Lennar Corporation, he designed a database for Asset Management. As a Senior Planner for the automotive giant AutoNation, managed the manufacturing process of 300 dealerships and 39 automakers.

After over 10 years in the corporate world, in 2008, Gonzo partnered with Jeremy Bellman to launch L7z, a firm focused on using technology to create a personal approach to brand initiatives and overseas’ market practices. Today, the company focuses on interactive digital platforms and, develops video advertising and gaming production.

Gonzo holds a dual Bachelors of Science Degree from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in both Travel and Tourism, and Business Management and Marketing. When not solving business strategy challenges with technology, you can find him outside.

You can watch a short video and presentation about Gonzo.




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