Zach Halper

Zach Halper

By Zach Halper,

As a blogger for, I am very familiar with Blogger, Google’s blog program.  In general, it’s a fantastic tool and I would recommend it to anybody who is thinking about starting a blog.  Now, one of Blogger’s features is a system known as Google Friend Connect, which allows you to connect with other people using Blogger accounts.  While you would think that this feature would help bring visibility to your site, I actually find that it’s not that useful in attracting people to my blog (or keeping people there).  I only have 10 followers on my blog and I can say with certainty (by looking at google analytics) that almost none of my traffic comes from these blogs.  Instead, I have found that the best way to attract people to my blog is through good old fashioned promotion and good use of keywords in my articles.

Instead of using Google Friend Connector for promotion, I have found that using Facebook or other social networking sites is very helpful.  One of my problems with Google Friend Connector is it gives me no way to broadcast to the other blogs when I have a new post or something.  By posting on facebook, I can let all of my friends (and anybody following my company) know when I have a new post.  And by hooking up our company’s facebook with Twitter, this same information can go to all of our Twitter followers (we have 2,000 of them).  Thus, with just a simple post on Facebook, thousands of people can know that I have new post up on the blog.

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