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Sheronde Glover

With High Fuel Prices, Are Face-to-Face Meetings Necessary?

With much work to do and so many online tools and options, face-to-face meetings could easily be a thing of the past. However, making a connection is important and some conversations are more effective in person so when you do get on the road for those meetings, events and activities you want to make sure you’re heading in the right direction. Otherwise you end up spinning your wheels and wasting a lot of time and gas.  Being strategic is the key. Here are a few examples of how you can boost productivity and make the best use of your time and save some energy in the process.

Be Purposeful. What are you trying to accomplish with this meeting? Can you gather the information needed or make your presentation as successfully in a phone conversation or online? Is it more advantageous to connect face-to-face? Understand your objectives and what you want to accomplish up front.

Be Productive: You can greatly increase your productivity by having a strategy and a plan in place which helps you to answer the larger question: Who should I be meeting with and why? All business owners and professionals should have a 90-Day Action Plan that helps them to stay on course. Once you are clear on what direction you are going and who you should be making connections with, you can then determine the method in which the meeting should take place, one that works for each party involved.  Once you’ve decided a meeting is in order, make good use of your time and see who else you might connect with in the area.

Be Profitable: Know what you want before you go in. Do your research and determine what you want to get out of your meeting then set an agenda that will keep you on course. Prepare yourself well ahead of your meeting so that you are clear and focused during the time that you have. If you know that the meeting has been valuable for both you and the person with whom you’re meeting, you will be less concerned about what it has cost you in fuel.

Sheronde Glover is the owner of The Business Practitioner, a training and consulting firm that provides strategies for healthier —more purposeful, productive and profitable —-business. The company provides strategic planning and marketing services for both nonprofit and for-profit businesses and offers a Free Business Health Check.  Business owners and professionals that want to boost results through action planning are invited to participate in The 90-Day Business Challenge.

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2 Comments on With High Fuel Prices, Are Face-to-Face Meetings Necessary?

  1. Someone will walk in and never like the look of your restaurant
    and that is okay. While a final product might appear easy
    to achieve, it is anything but the case.

  2. Empowermint says:

    These are great tips that you have mentioned here. Sometimes, when we get so busy, we tend to forget little things that matter, such as “what direction you are going and who you should be making connections with.” This is very basic, but is very important with us businesspeople. Planning meetings can be tedious, but when properly carried out, everyone attending the meeting will clearly benefit from it.

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