For start-up companies, or companies with a watchful eye on the budget, the funding of marketing campaigns can be difficult at times. A lack of good advertising can be frustrating for any business. Whe you need to spread the word, but lack the cash to get started, here are a few simple ideas to help fund marketing efforts.



Bartering and trade are one of the oldest forms of commerce around. When purchasing products or services for a marketing campaign, exchanging your own products or services is not uncommon. A restaurant, for example, might trade meals in exchange for airtime on a local radio station.



For companies who have a surplus of any kind, this is the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. In the case of a business that has office equipment, or electronics that are simply taking up valuable storage space, selling those items to other businesses will go a long way towards funding a marketing campaign.



There is nothing wrong with borrowing money to finance advertising efforts. Although it might be considered a risk by some, the idea is that the marketing efforts will offer a substantial return on the investment. Short-term payday loans are the perfect example. Using a convenient service like, business owners can easily get their hands on quick cash.


Charge It

This might be the least popular of all the available options, but it will serve to pay for any marketing efforts that are needed to help a growing business. Whether it’s a cash advance, or purchasing promotional products or services, credit cards will do the trick as long as they are paid off in a timely manner.


Co-op Advertising

Depending on the particular business, co-op advertising is the perfect way to fund an advertising campaign. A furniture store might advertise a brand of sofa in the local newspaper. The manufacturer of that sofa will actually pay for the advertisement if the business owner simply follows their advertising guidelines. In most cases, there will be a certain percentage of advertising space that is available for the retailer to use in any way they choose.


Finding methods to fund a business is the true definition of the entrepreneurial spirit. There is always a way to make a plan come to life no matter how difficult it might seem. Putting in that extra effort, when most people would throw in the towel, is what separates driven entrepreneurs from the rest of the pack.




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