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Sarang Gupta offers some great advice on how to avoid wasting your time with employers that may be unscrupulous without any regard to a candidate’s or consultant’s fuel burned – currently at over $4/gallon in many cities.  Let’s read some of his tips:

“Interview the company”.  It’s always been a good idea when job-seeking, even back when there weren’t nearly as many companies.

Today, it’s more important than ever.  These days, anyone can put out a shingle, rent an office, and start hiring. Before you rush to that
next interview, try the following:

  • Look at their webpage. Is it complete? A lot of flash with little content? Broken links? Amateurish? If they don’t maintain their webpage, they’re probably not getting a lot of business, and may not be around in a few months.
  • On their website, see how many employees they have (more employees = more stable) and how long they’ve been around. Download those cheesy “what our employees are doing” newsletters: are they getting major awards from big companies, or have they achieved nothing of substance?
  • Start the contact via email, then phone. Subtlety remind them that your time is important too, and that you’re evaluating them just as much as they’re evaluating you. If they make you an offer, this will help w/ salary negotiations as well.
  • Ask them questions that non-offensively “test” if they know what they’re doing. If they’re hiring you to program, ask what language they’re using. If they don’t know, they need at IT Director, not a programmer. Email the programming staff and see how experienced and intelligent they are (again, do this subtly).
  • On your first in-person interview, look around. Are they in a building with low occupancy (usually a bad sign)? Are there a lot of people working there, or lots of empty cubicles (bad) or empty offices (even worse). Was their webpage much more impressive than their company (bad sign).

Companies see hundreds of resume’s and only interview a few people. Today, you will see hundreds of companies and can only interview with a few of them. Send the rest a polite form letter…

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  1. Thanks for this nice tips. I will follow all of them.

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