Benjamin Cohen

Benjamin Cohen

What is BobCarMedia?

BobCarMedia is an experiential, mobile marketing tool that allows potential consumers to “test drive” products or services outside of the traditional retail environment. BobCars are sleek, brightly colored, eco-friendly cars that function as mobile showrooms. Each car is equipped with trained brand ambassadors that educate and empower the customer and deliver a close, one-to-one interaction with the product.

How did the idea of the BobCar Mobile showroom come about?

I’ve been a “hands-on” sales/marketing person since I was 12.  I know how important it is to draw that consumer into your store and show him your products. One day I thought, “what if we could find a way to take a retail display and replicate it outside of the store, bringing it directly to the consumer?” From there, the idea of a mobile showroom emerged.  Having operated electronics stores for most of my life, I wanted to take the intimidation factor out of purchasing technology. I wanted to make the purchasing process as user-friendly as possible for the “technophobes” of the world.  Soon I realized my idea had real potential and could go far beyond consumer electronics – whether it’s cosmetics, fragrance or candy bars, any industry can benefit from our user-friendly, interactive marketing model.

Who are some of your clients?

Our clients have included everyone from T-Mobile, CLEAR and SanDisk to Wendy’s and Snickers.  We run the gamut.

What are some of the challenges you face as a Mobile Marketer today?

We’re new, we’re different and people have to experience us to really understand how effective we are.

Why do you think BobCarMedia has been so successful in the field of Mobile Marketing?

We’re lean, mean, and green, for starters!  And yes, we have so much more maneuverability than larger vehicles. We slide into sites near our retailers, so essentially we control the last 3 feet of a sale.  We send the BobCars into the highest trafficked areas in a market.  Our BobCars are bright, dynamic and fully interactive. Our Brand Ambassadors, highly trained by each client, know how to engage techies and technophobes alike and excite them. Also, our Brand Ambassadors will be fluent in that market’s language (Chinese in Chinatown, Spanish in Spanish Harlem, Italian in Little Italy), and so on around the country.  It is another way for BCM to reach out to its customers.

How is Mobile Marketing different than more traditional methods of marketing?

We bring the marketing machine to you, we don’t need for you to wait to go into a store. And, when you’ve received expert advice from our Brand Ambassadors, you’re already pre-qualified for a sale.  Statistics show already that there is an increase of 25% to 50% in sales in markets targeted by BobCars.

How do you see Marketing practices evolving in the future?  Is Mobile Marketing the new “traditional marketing”?

As long as technology changes at the speed of light, there is no “traditional marketing” anymore. It will all continue to grow and change and evolve. Our BobCars, outfitted in the latest technology, will actually look like prototypes in a few years. BobCars can change to adapt to new technologies, new demands, and new markets.

Where do you hope to see BobCarMedia in 5-10 years from now?

As a dynamic player in the consumer/retail marketing arena.  We hope to be in every major city and even in some smaller cities, too, with multiple cars in every market. We would also like to expand and work with more clients in multiple industries other than technology.

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