Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis

How has your culture benefitted HireBetter?

Our culture is based on the beliefs that balance in our lives produces better results for our clients.  Our team is able to be more productive with the hours they work.  Because they do work from home, we have saved them a combined 13,000 hours a year in commute time alone.  That’s more time they have with their families and contributing to their communities.  We believe this results in a happier and more productive team.

What is one challenge have you faced by having al all virtual team?  How have you addressed it?

Getting to know one another and building a strong working relationship is always a challenge when you never see team members face to face.  To try to ease this issue one of the things we do is hold a quarterly “Fire Side Chat”.  The team submits questions and topics they would like to discuss and we all call in to conference about these things.  They all watch me on streaming video and we all get to know one another on a more personal level.  We also have things like trivia questions that can be based on their knowledge of the company or each other’s personal lives- with some great prizes ranging from a bottle of wine, date night with their spouse or even a new video camera.  It really encourages them to know who they are working for and with- showing that knowledge through a little competition.  This bonding time is extremely valuable in an environment such as ours.  The tighter the team feels to one another- the better they work together.

You created your own proprietary web-based software– Tell me about that.

When we launched HireBetter, we knew the only way we would be able to grow and work efficiently would be to have a way for the entire team to view candidate’s profiles from anywhere at any time – in real time.  One person holding all the candidate information on 1 computer wasn’t going to work.  I created The Talent Vault. Each candidate has a profile and each interaction with them or on behalf of them is tracked in the log- whether it’s an email to them to confirm their scheduled phone interview, the results of that interview or notes from the hiring manager after reviewing the candidate’s information- it’s all right there, accessible to whomever needs to see it.  Each team member and client can access what they need from anywhere- since it’s all web-based.  Also, Since I am the creator, it has allowed us to make changes to the program based on team member feedback as well.  Having the ability to do that ended up saving us and as a result, our clients, thousands of hours of billed time each year.

Besides The Talent Vault- What benefits do you provide to your clients?

When new clients initiate their relationship with HireBetter, they’re typically growing at a fast pace and revolutionizing their industry. To keep doing what they do best they recognize that they’ll need to find and hire world-class talent. That’s what we do best.

Whether they’re Publicly Traded, Privately Held or Venture-backed, our clients can’t afford hiring mistakes. The HireBetter Methodology isn’t complicated. To prove that point we’ve summed it up in one simple graphic. Like most everything else, the importance is in the details of execution.

Our commitment: Hiring Managers have an awful lot on their plate. By understanding, up-front, exactly what is needed in a role we can ensure that a hiring manager only has to conduct 3 or 4 on-site interviews. Because we’ve worked together to really understand what your A-Player will look like, hiring managers are virtually assured of hiring the right person – even with minimal interview training.

With each role we offer our clients Workforce Planning Analysis, Role Overview & Scorecard Creation, Search Strategy Design, Passive Candidate Research, Job Posting & Applicant Screening, Assessment Test Administration, Comprehensive Interviewing, and Reference & Background Checks.

What are your future goals?

By 02/02/2020:

We’ll have assisted 5,000 Companies…..In 20 Countries…..Across 2,000 different industries

We’ll know we have been successful when:

  • 100% of the hiring managers we worked with tell us that they are at least 100% more confident in their hiring decisions as a result of our efforts
  • We have such an enviable culture that we have a virtual bench of at least 20 people for each production level role

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