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Have an interest in the martial arts? Want to have your own instructor you can carry around with you wherever you go? Want training on demand for a fraction of what local schools / dojos are charging. That is where comes in.

I have actively trained in the martial arts since the early 80’s. During that time, I have had the pleasure to teach and train in many countries and with many organizations. One common thread I see is that true devotees of the martial arts are always hungry for more knowledge. My students have asked me for years to video things so they can play it back at their convenience to work on techniques, drills, or concepts. This, combined with some of the limitations of the standard martial arts training experience such as location, schedule, cost, etc. led me to create

On our website, users can sign up for monthly access to a variety of training videos which will guide them through learning a complete martial art – Goju Ryu Karate. A user can train at any hour of the day, for as long as they want, as hard as they want, wherever they are. In addition, repeating things that aren’t understood or where more muscle memory is needed is the push of a button away. This also allows for families to train together if they desire – again, something not available most anywhere else. Using our custom training log, a student can track progress over time and have access to an instructor via email or even Google Hangouts to help where needed. In addition, students periodically have the option to train in person with the senior instructor at the home dojo ( or regional training classes as circumstances allow.

Kevin Webb, Renshi
Rokudan (6th Degree Black Belt), Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate




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  1. Jab Cross says:

    Hi mate, really like this article. Could you please give me a professional advice on a sport wear, where I can buy a quality karate protection gear? Thanks a lot!

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  3. I’m really interested in this product seriously. I’ve been following it for months now and I’m looking for more and more reviews. I’m sure you can help my by providing a good review about this product?
    Mark@Pomeranian´s last blog post ..Pomeranian Food

  4. Johnny Bravo @best training courses
    Twitter: salesproblog

    Interesting concept. I remember I would use videos for doing forms when I was training in Taekwondo. However for more advanced techniques I found it was much easier to have hands on instruction from an instructor. For the basic techniques and forms this is a great idea though.
    Johnny Bravo @best training courses´s last blog post ..Month End Review – April 2013

  5. I think this is a good idea but I remember when I did karate as a kid, the instructor in person was able to correct my stances and movements. even when I though, I was doing It correctly, he knew better. Maybe Karate would still be better left in dojos.
    Philip Townsend@Taekwondo in Provo´s last blog post ..Welcome to Champion Karate West

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