As I drove to California, thought “when in Rome” and should get a job at a motion picture studio since I wanted to have a new career when I got there. I networked my way into a job doing television publicity at Paramount Studios within a relatively short period of time. While there, many called to network with me asking me how I got my job. It caused me to question why it was easier for them in comparison to those I heard struggle. I learned that I unintentionally was using the law of attraction. The big aha was that I recognized that I didn’t know it was supposed to be hard to break into the entertainment industry. My first lesson was that attitude was everything. After learning the steps to success intentionally using the law of attraction, I began applying it to everything. I could regularly manifest whether it was personal or business opportunity or goals. When it came to money, however, it was obvious there were blocks within me because it was blantantly more difficult. The money obstacle turned out to be the next goal to overcome. I sought a solution and was introduced to a spiritual process, ho’oponopono, that provided the key to identifying and letting go of those blocks. It worked like magic. I wanted others to benefit from what I learned, so I started Express Success, offering workshops to others to help them get what they wanted. I watched my participants manifest the lifestyle they desired. We worked on clarifying what they desired and then clarifying within so they were congruent with what they desired. A consistent desire and belief in a possibility was key to creating the preferred outcome. Putting effort toward a goal that had inconcruence in the background inhibited the results and wasted time. By identifying and clearing the incongruence, the effort was much less and the realization of what was wanted was much easier. I believe I can have anything I want as long as I am clear within myself as to what that is. If I work on myself first and clear up whatever is within me that could hinder the results of something, the action is much easier to take and the results are much better. Recently I wanted to have a couple of new clients and stated that to the universe and within hours had two new clients. It was easy because I was clear about the intention and didn’t have any negative judgment about the possibility of that occuring. I was clear, so the results were effortless. I also know that if I want something but it doesn’t come easy for some reason that there is something within me blocking it and all I need is focus there on releasing it. Man’s way is to typically find a new tactic and work harder at overcoming an obstacle. By releasing the obstacle instead, effort is easier and success comes quicker. ________________________________ Dr. Joy S. Pedersen, CEO and Founder of Express Success, is a Licensed Spiritual Healer and Certified Spiritual Health Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner and author of Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures From Archangel Michael To Change Your Life who helps you change your life by clearing the cause of your challenges. Enroll in a free 5-week mini e-course or schedule a complimentary get-acquainted call at




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  1. If you give off a good attitude and have energy and you’re not bitter and angry, people are more likely to help you.
    I love what you said about attitude being everything.Thanks.
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  2. I am very thankful for this wonderful write-up. Really a good sharing

  3. Jaren says:

    Thank you for sharing this inspirational article and sources.

  4. Watched the movie “when in rome” … enjoyed thoroughly throughout it.
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  5. Jenny says:

    Because of this article, I really watch the movie “when in rome” because I got curious. And funny when she collects all the coins in the fountain because she was so depressed on love.

  6. Sasha@Car Accident Lawyers Toronto
    Twitter: 1stpagelawyers

    I love what you said about attitude being everything. It really is that beautifully simple.

    The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful isn’t inherent ability, background, social status, age or whatever excuse unsuccessful people are inclined to dream up and use to explain away their dreams – it’s indefatigable desire and determination, founded by unshakable belief.

    To quote a magnificently wealthy, happy and successful mentor of mine, “The facts are really nothing more than other people’s opinions.”

    Wonderful post. Look forward to more like this.
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  8. Toya, you are welcome. We all get in our own way one time or another. The quicker we realize it, the sooner we can make a shift. Clarity of intentions is the beginning. Wishing you much success. Joy

  9. Toya Carter-Williams says:

    Thank you for the reminder that we basically stand in our own way and block the blessings of the universe. Time for me to be very clear about my intentions!

    Thanks again,

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