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22 Comments on How Law of Attraction Can Really “Work” for You!

  1. Yes i think every one should follow the low of attraction.. it is really nice topic that you choose for sharing… I hope you will get more response through this post…. really nice Caroline…
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  2. […] How Law of Attraction Can Really “Work” for You! […]

  3. Everybody should follow the law that law can work on them.thanks for sharing

  4. “Always word in the way of the positive, whether speaking or writing. Even when writing a blog post or Facebook comment, we avoid using “don’t” or “can’t,” and instead lead with a positive intention.”
    Everyone should have a positive attitude at every aspect.Thank you.

  5. Ashley Diaz says:

    I agree for such informative article above about how law of attraction can really work for you. You mentioned great points and tips specially have faith and positivity. Do I believe in the law of attraction? Yes I do! I believe that the law of attraction simply states that if you focus on something you will get.

  6. Scot Strems says:

    Hey, I like your blog and your books too. I will find many other books from Google today.. Can you provide me links for your books for online reading?

  7. Maria@Wills says:

    hey first time i heard about such kind of law. Did you actually think its a beneficial? thanks for making us aware about this kind of law.

  8. Law of Attraction is really helpful in small businesses. I agree how you put up with this article! Being positive and believing on your new ideas and making it your “Law of Attraction”. This is a great read Shanna! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Jallen1128 says:

    Yes, it does, I’ve used it before on different things and it worked. Just stay positive, understand you can have/do anything you want, and focus. You don’t even need to
    “imagine” the things you want, it just helps if you do, because your body subconsciously “pulls” you to those things.

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  10. claude says:

    I don’t think it’s possible because thoughts don’t hold emotions they only get in the way. If you tried to be angry or happy by thinking it the only one you’re gonna fool is yourself. In order for the law attraction to work you first have to have the feeling before the thought

  11. onestepup

    I certainly agree with you caroline.

    The most powerful law in the universe is the “Law of Attraction”. All happens to your life all comes down to attraction

    To your One Step Up!
    Jeng Cua

  12. I personally believe that Law of attraction does work but not every time. BTW, I am going to read your latest book “Women Will Save the World”. Cover title looks very inspiring to me. :)

  13. hat being said, we can simultaneously be positive and believing while also maintaining a healthy degree of scepticism. The Law of Attraction is not about ignoring common sense.

  14. Gintare says:

    definitely works for me!

  15. Sam says:

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  16. John Steven says:

    Me, I handled everything optimistically >.< anyway its a really good article :)

  17. Yes I totally second to you. Being positive is the key to attraction. PLus as you said, faith is also paramount.

  18. even in this competition world there less time to think. Great post and Great examples.

  19. DAvid Vaughan
    Twitter: mailingman

    You make some very good points, Caroline. Breaking the habit of using negative language, even if thought rather than spoken or written, can help with affirmations and positive reinforcement later. After a little practice the negative terms used should be a thing of the past and, as a result, make for a much happier and productive person!

  20. Yes, the Law of Attraction really works, but reflects our dominant and most practiced thoughts. We can’t spend 5 minutes on a new thought and 23 hours and 55 minutes thinking the old thoughts and have anything change.

    That being said, we can simultaneously be positive and believing while also maintaining a healthy degree of scepticism. The Law of Attraction is not about ignoring common sense.

    We must also understand that the Universe works at its own speed. Although instant manifestation may sometimes happen, our desire will manifest in the universe’s timeframe rather than ours! It could even be that the universe knows that we are not yet ready to receive our desire.

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