Peter Leeds

Peter Leeds

Our company has enjoyed tremendous success with lead generation coming from our e-Book.

That e-Book is called Understanding Penny Stocks, and is over 200 pages, complete with charts, diagrams, and figures.

Many years ago we made the e-Book free online, and since then it has continually driven traffic to our main site, located at

We found that the visitors who were coming over to our site, who had originated from the e-Book, were much hotter prospects, with a greater understanding of our brand, knew what our service offered, and were much more likely to seal the deal with a purchase.

Having an authoritative e-Book, in our specialized niche, accomplished several things for us.

1. it served as a soft-sell introduction to our brand

2. introduced prospects to the idea of penny stocks, and trading low-priced shares

3. explained how our service works, and what it offers

4. demonstrated our authority and knowledge in our field

5. funneled the hotter prospects to our main penny stocks site

Overall, the rewards outpaced the cost by many times.  As we had the knowledge already, the actual total outlay for the work was minimal.  The increased conversion ratio was very profitable for us.

A few additional benefits for us included that:

– we were one of the first to produce an e-Book on penny stocks.  This blocked our competition from doing the same as effectively, since we had first-mover advantage.

– the e-Book started showing up in search engine rankings, helping increase our online visibility, and attract new prospects.

Overall, having a free, online e-Book about penny stocks was tremendously helpful for us, and we would recommend doing something similar for any entrepreneur in any business.

About Peter Leeds:

Known as The Penny Stock Professional, Peter has helped tens of thousands of investors to benefit from penny stocks, while avoiding the dangers of these lower-priced speculative shares.

Top media organizations like NBC, CBS, CNNfn, and Fox all contact Peter for his comments and views.

The goal of the Peter Leeds team is to help discover the absolute best, healthiest penny stock companies, and bring them to their industry leading subscriber base at

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5 Comments on Lead Generation from the Penny Stocks e-Book

  1. some very interesting information on this site
    reflectiveyunnin´s last blog post ..Simply Engage Me

  2. Penny stock is a good way to start earning some profit from stock market.

  3. I read that book years ago when i started learning about penny stocks.
    good classical setups and patterns. Sure will help if you know how to find them.

  4. Good tips regarding the discussed e-book. By understanding what penny stocks are and how they are traded, one would seem to find patterns in potential leads.

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