Does one size fit all? As a consumer, this must drive you bonkers. You must be thinking with all this big data and deep data dives companies can do to facilitate an “A-B” conversation, why does this rarely happen? How many times do you open up an email advertisement that has nothing to do with your interest?

Recently, I was interviewed by Marketo to gather my take on using big data to find big love. Here is what I had to say:

Deepak Gupta (@dgupta5150), who blogs at Marketing By Deepak and is a Marketing Automation Consultant at Autodesk, agrees that you must look carefully at your results in order to target the customers that you want, and to communicate with them in a way they will appreciate and respond favorably to.

“It is extremely important to truly understand, using deep dive data analysis, the segmentation and persona that resonates within each channel,” says Gupta. “With that understanding, one can message according to that particular channel. For instance, social media channels like Twitter and Facebook may attract students or younger professionals, whereas LinkedIn may attract more B2B decision makers.”




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