Joju Mangalam
Joju Mangalam

US workforce is rapidly changing due to the aging of baby boomers. The first wave of baby boomers has already hit the retirement age and the next waves will be doing so constantly for the next twenty years (till about 2030).

Meanwhile, all signs indicate that upcoming generations are not fully trained or educated to replace baby boomers in the workforce entirely.  Adding to this factor are the financial woes of some baby boomers, which will keep them longer in the workforce.  Some predict that many of such baby boomers will opt for a more flexible, part-time work schedule that will enable them to pursue their other interests alongside work. is formed to connect a segment of these professionals (mostly mid-management to senior management professionals) to employers, especially small businesses and consulting firms.  Its membership is approaching 12,000 consultants and is growing rapidly.

Founder/CEO Joju Mangalam notes:  “Two years ago, I was working at a well-known, major internet company during a large-scale layoff.  Even though I was not affected, I knew quite a few employees who were.  When I talked to them, I realized many were in a quandary on what to do next. Some did not want to go back to a full-time job, only to deal with office politics and the daily grind. They wanted flexibility of their time and the ability to work on things that interest them.  Remarkably, most of them were senior-level or mid-level managers.

“This is a common issue as an increasing number of baby boomers are looking to semi-retire.  I looked at the marketplace and did not find a good alternative for these individuals to showcase their talent and get consulting work.  This led me to create”

After couple of business model changes, the site has evolved to become a Free Consultation Hub that connects prospective clients with consultants. service is designed with entrepreneurs and small businesses in mind.  A small business person can post a “Free Consultation Request” at, specifying the immediate need (Marketing advice, HR advice, business development advice, etc). The poster will receive responses from qualifying consultants at  The poster decides from whom to accept free consultations and then continue on to free confidential consultations with each of them over the phone or by similar means.

What do the consultants get in return? First of all, free consultations could lead to a compensated consulting project (cash or equity-based) or a business referral in the future.  Also, a good “feedback” from the employer will give them more credibility at

While the service is designed with entrepreneurs and small businesses in mind, it can help larger companies as well.  For example, an executive may be unable to carry out a task because he or she lacks expertise in a specific area.  The executive can post a “free consultation project” at and get immediate responses from qualified consultants who can provide their expertise free of charge, enabling the executive to complete the task without delay.

For the (baby boomer) consultant, he or she is able to network with corporate executives and fellow consultants, while building a reputation as a trusted and valued resource.  Of course, there’s the possibility that the free consultation could lead to paid consulting project or a recommendation for future business.

We encourage all to check out for your consulting needs.



Founded in 2009, is a “Free Consultation Hub” where small businesses and consulting firms can get confidential consultations free of charge from skilled experts.  Named for the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule, the privately held and self-funded site is designed to give companies immediate access to experienced professionals to help them solve a specific problem.  Corporate headquarters are located at:  1459 18th Street, Suite 245, San Francisco, Calif., 94107.  Telephone:  (415) 717-9858.  Email:  Website:

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