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So Peggy, what is your take on my question:  Should companies in addition to toll free numbers and email use Twitter for Customer Service?  You are an SME on Customer Experience and I would love to hear your thoughts:

Yes, most definitely. I feel that Twitter is rapidly becoming another important avenue of communication with customers. The younger generations especially value speed and the brevity of a message. Many of them are no longer using email; they prefer Twitter. Consequently, companies that want to offer customers options in their communication with them need to incorporate the use of Twitter.

I have worked with several companies who have employees solely dedicated to monitoring Twitter to see if any negative information is circling about the company, help solve customers’ problems and to respond to customer’s complaints in a rapid manner. It used to be that customers used Twitter only after they were frustrated with trying to reach the company by phone or email. Now they just go directly to Twitter with their beef or request.

It is very hard to get customer feedback today so any way to find out what your customers like and don’t like about your product or service is extremely important. If a company is not incorporating this social media into their customer service, they are going to be lagging far behind and miss out on many opportunities to interact with their customers and gain valuable information that can give them a competitive edge.

Customers are already using the telephone and email for orders, complaints and other communication, why not incorporate Twitter? It says to the customer, “We want to make it easy for you to do business with us.” It is a way to engage your customers and can even help circulate positive information about your company. It’s almost like free advertising!

Peggy Morrow is a customer service consultant with 28 years experience and the author of “Customer Service: How to Do It Right!” and “Customer Service: The Key to Your Competitive Edge.”  Contact her at or

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2 Comments on Peggy Morrow’s take on Customer Service using Twitter

  1. Jason says:

    It isn’t hard at all to get customer feedback today. Search twitter for comcast, and you’ll see just how much is out there. Sadly marketing at many companies is just horrible. I saw quicken today posting on facebook the suggestions for how to choose a tax preparer. Way to go Intuit. Glad half the company is pushing customers away from TurboTax.

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