Peter Geisheker

Peter Geisheker

How much money do you save by allowing telecommuting vs. having an office?

Between rent, utilities, office equipment, etc. I am easily saving $2500 per month.

Do you pass savings from telecommuting to Clients?

YES!  Because we do not have a lot of overhead, we do not charge the same high rates ad agencies charge, even though we provide our clients with extremely high quality work.

Have you noticed that employee turnover has decreased?

Yes.  In the past 5 years I have not had 1 person quit. Everybody says they love working at a virtual company.

How much do you believe that productivity goes up for your team?  I personally think 10 hours/week off the bat would go up from not driving/getting dressed each day.  Plus I’d rather work than sit in traffic.

Easily 10 hours per week and probably closer to 20 because people are focused on their work – not driving to work, not getting dressed for work, not wasting time talking to other employees around the water cooler, etc. Everybody is focused on the work they have to complete.

How much do you think you reduce the chance of an accident on the road and carbon consumption for your Team by eliminating a traditional commute?  What about lowering your workers comp?

I cannot even begin to guess. All I know is that it is a win-win for everybody including the environment.

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