SleepJoy Topper

SleepJoy Topper

SleepJoy invited me to try their three inch thick Vita Top ViscoFresh Memory Foam Mattress Topper. It functions by simply being placed over your current mattress and offers greater comfort and support, providing you with a better night’s sleep.

The mattress arrived as a plush foam pad and was accompanied by a sheet and a skirt that is used to hold the mattress pad in place. From the moment I opened the package I could not help but notice the soothing fresh mint scent that instantly put me in a good mood.

This memory foam mattress topper gave me the opportunity to experience the benefits of a memory foam mattress without having to shell out big bucks to buy a whole new mattress. My favorite qualities about this particular product were that it was lightweight and easy to maneuver onto my bed. The foam regained its shape very quickly and would move with me throughout the night. Unlike other foam mattresses that take a long time to readjust to your body when you change positions. The wonderful mint scent was an especially enjoyable bonus as it masked the odor that normally accompanies most traditional memory foam products.

While I enjoyed the added comfort of this mattress and the undeniably fresh scent, I was already getting a good night’s sleep prior to using this product as I recently purchased a comfortable mattress. Therefore, I do not feel any great improvement in my sleep pattern.

Overall, these memory foam mattress toppers are a very good value for your money. I enjoyed this product and would be happy to recommend it to people who do not enjoy a restful night’s sleep and who may be dissatisfied with their current mattress.

Posted by Deepak Gupta.

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14 Comments on Product Review – SleepJoy Mattress Topper

  1. These toppers seem very convenient. Thank you for your sharing!
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  2. b.Jonh says:

    Thanks for sharing experience !
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  3. Wow……..very nice

    A number of people also report that they have much improved sleep pattern and improved health conditions just by switching over to memory foam pillows and memory foam mattress.

  4. Covering the mattress can mean the difference in its longevity. It will offer and extra layer of protection for the mattress itself. They can be removed periodically and washed or cleaned so that they will stay clean all the time.

  5. This is really a great post.Very informative and helpful. Mattress topper is one great way to invest specially for your bed. Having a deep sleep is really hard to achieve but I bet with the help of the new innovation toppers goodbye sleepless night and say hello to a happy and very comfy sleep. Keep up the great post! I hope you can post more about Mattresses.

  6. Bobby says:

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  8. mandy@How Can I Get To Sleep
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    Really interesting!!

  9. Covering the mattress by mattress pads extend your mattress. Also mattress pad will protect the mattress itself.

  10. Bed and Mattress says:

    Great post. looking forward to see more great info from you.

  11. Covering the mattress can mean the difference in its longevity. It will offer and extra layer of protection for the mattress itself. They can be removed periodically and washed or cleaned so that they will stay clean all the time.

  12. Is this a queen size bed? I love the simplicity of this mattress for it is so cool in the eyes and as what i can see, this gives so comfort while we are asleep.
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  13. I agree that toppers are one of the best mini investments you can make with regards to your bed. You can spend upto a third of your day (longer if you’re lazy!) in bed, so it makes sense to buy something comfortable for you.

  14. A memory foam topper is also a great way to add a few years life to your old mattress. Instead of getting a new one, just buy a mattress pad (much cheaper) and your old mattress will be much more comfortable.
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