Tom Antion

Tom Antion

As a speaker, you want to do more than just speak to your audience, you want to engage them so they experience your message rather than just receive it. In order to do this most effectively, put your audience first, know their needs, and meet those needs.

One major need of any audience: a presentation that caters to their style of information transfer whether it be auditory, visual, or kinesthetic. While the audience will alternate their emphasis frequently, each individual will default to one of the three styles.

Some of your audience members will be predominantly auditory, they will react best when they hear the information, others will be predominantly visual, they will react best when they see the information, and then some will be predominantly kinesthetic, and they will react best when they feel the information. When you incorporate delivery methods throughout your presentation that cater to all three styles of information transfer, you significantly increase the interest level of your speech. When you spark interest among your audience, you engage them.

Those in your audience who are primarily auditory will best receive your message just by hearing you speak, but don’t stop there. Engage them further by looking for opportunities in your presentation that could be enhanced with the use of a sound bite, music, or a recording.

Throughout the portions of your speech when you are only using words to convey information, the audience members who are mainly visual may be daydreaming. They will quickly tune in when you use a visual aid such as an overhead or prop. This will catch their attention and have them engaged.

The members of your audience who are mostly kinesthetic become engaged by powerful words that evoke emotion; the words that people tend to feel, not just hear. They respond to a handshake or the invitation to come on stage with you.

When you disburse techniques throughout your program that appeal to all three styles of information transfer, you set in place the foundation that allows for connectivity and engagement between yourself and your audience.

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Tom Antion, president of Antion & Associates,  is a highly respected professional speaker who is a veteran of more than 2700 paid speaking presentations. He has helped thousands of other speakers, authors, business presenters, executive and trainers learn how to be top platform performers.




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7 Comments on Professional Presentation Skills: Engaging Your Audience

  1. Great post. I’m new blogger. thank you so much for this post………………
    Tech Rotation´s last blog post ..The Command Prompt of Windows Operating System and The Use

  2. Your presentations skills are just as important as the information you are presenting.

  3. Really great to read this post. In mostly presentations I found no attraction and the things are messy. Really boring from the first slide. well, this is more helpful as shared.

  4. Thats more then corret! Thanks for sharing 😉 + from Denmark!
    Simon Heising´s last blog post ..Velkommen til min personlige blog

  5. Johnny Bravo @sales presentation
    Twitter: salesproblog

    Great ideas. I’ve never thought to mix it up in that way. Obviously you are always doing your best to keep an audience engaged, but when you break it down to those three subtypes it makes it seem a lot easier to do. Thanks for sharing.
    Johnny Bravo @sales presentation´s last blog post ..Month End Review – April 2013

  6. Tom Antion says:

    That’s correct. Even a look or facial expression can totally change the meaning of something you say on stage. I’ve been doing email marketing 18 years and I agree with you. I’m much more careful to be abundantly clear in my meaning when sending an email.

  7. It’s funny to see that it is the same consideration either you try to reach a public audience or an email audience. Except that with email marketing you cannot convince your audience with your body language which I imagine is very important when you are talking in front of a public.

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