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About an hour ago, I saw an ad for what I thought was a Women’s new shoe model call Reebok EasyTone. The commercial focused on a fitness model claiming the shoes could help you develop a figure like her.

Some thoughts that came to my head were

1) There was not that much focus on the shoe

2) Way too much focus on the model

3) The model kept referencing “herself” instead of the shoes

4) Was this ad geared towards Men or Women?

I think this commercial will generate some buzz just like those electrical abs muscle stimulators. Who knows if it will be long lasting?

I’m open to hearing your thoughts.

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11 Comments on Reebok EasyTone Commercial

  1. Jenny@the fashion blog
    Twitter: jennyedeson

    Whoa!!! Now, that is called irrelevant marketing strategy..Has the commercial really helped out? I would like to know it’s results..
    Jenny@the fashion blog´s last blog post ..Things to Consider while Buying Shoes for Men

  2. Allen Hill says:

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  4. Easy says:

    I know its sexist but its funny too, anyway Ive been wearing these trainers for 3 months and my ass looks great…

  5. Dodge says:

    Can’t watch the video as it is blocked in the office, but after reading your points underneath, it kinda reminded me of the Old Spice commercials for men. Where it also focused on the guy and himself instead of Old Spice. By the same logic, bathing and gymming will lead you to look like that guy, not Old Spice.
    Dodge´s last blog post ..Why to Ship Fast!

    • dgupta5150 says:

      Thanks Dodge for the quick reply. Always like @commentluv folks. That ad is safe to watch, but do it on your phone or at home. It is PG-rated. The Old Spice thing is a whole other story!

  6. Preet says:

    This Reebok ad has nothing to do with the shoes. It is more focused on the model rather than the shoes. This is an insult to us women!

  7. wam2009 says:

    This is exactly the kind of false advertising directed at women who believe they will look like the model in the commercial if they wear these shoes. It’s diet and exercise, not shoes!

  8. SunnyinSanDiego says:

    What a aggressive way of advertising. Great commercial for men, but the target market for this product is for women and I am not sure that this type of advertising will appeal to the women. I guess the proof will be in the sales of their new shoes.

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