Dianne Durkin

Dianne Durkin

By Dianne Durkin

I’ve built my business – Loyalty Factor – on the premise that loyalty is not dead. It’s certainly been hiding. Recent history helps us understand the many factors behind what appears to be a loss in corporate, employee, and customer loyalty. It also provides vital information to help bring loyalty back into the mainstream of today’s challenging business world.

The Loyalty Factor is what happens when company leaders and managers create an environment in which loyalty can thrive.

Companies that have been on the list of Most Admired, Best to Work for, and Best Run, share the characteristics defined in The Loyalty Factor. They recognize that loyalty increases productivity, profitability and lowers employee turnover.

So how do you go about creating the Loyalty Factor?

  • Step 1: Assess your company’s present situation and target your stress points / major areas for improvement.
  • Step 2: Create focus and strategy through shared vision, values and positioning.
  • Step 3: Use communication to share the strategies and help people understand how their work contributes to the overall objectives and success of the organization.
  • Step 4: Establish an infrastructure whereby people at all levels of the organization are involved in developing solutions to major business issues.
  • Step 5: Foster ongoing success through continuous evaluation, feedback and change.

This step by step process begins with a secret weapon: “Questions” followed by excellent listening techniques. Below are some key questions to help you identify the stress points:

  1. What is your present level of pride and commitment in the organization?
  2. What are the top three strengths of the organization?
  3. What are the top three areas needing improvement within the organization?
  4. If you could identify one thing this organization should stop doing, what is it?
  5. If you could give one message to senior management, what would it be?

Once identified, focus on these issues by involving cross functional and cross level teams to examine the following:

    • Present State
    • Ideal State
    • How to proceed from present to ideal state
    • Timeframes and costs involved

You create loyalty through involvement and you’ll be amazed at the creativity and innovation of solutions these teams will provide.

The Loyalty Factor process will refuel, recharge and reenergize your organization. This will help your company through the downturn and provide a competitive edge in the upturn.

Dianne Durkin is the founder and president of Loyalty Factor, a consulting and training firm focused on increasing corporate profitability by providing individually tailored consulting and training services that enhance employee, customer and brand loyalty. She is the author of the newly released The Loyalty Factor hailed as a “spot on wisdom” on establishing employee, customer and brand loyalty.

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