Emily Jones

Emily Jones

Search engine optimization or SEO helps in advanced internet marketing. Search engine optimization is the process of drawing more traffic to your website or page. If you optimize the pages of your website it will have an upper ranking in the search engine. SEO helps in better promotion of your services and products.

What does SEO mean?

Search engine optimization is the procedure through which the visibility of a website is enhanced by improving the ranking of your website in the search engine listing. This as a result, increases the number of people visiting your website. Improving the ranking in the search engine means that your website will appear earlier than other websites or at the top of the search list in the search engine.
For optimizing your website in the search engine you will have to modify or write the content according to the demand. There are various ways in which optimization of a website is done.

What are the types of optimization?

There are mainly 2 types in which you can optimize your website. These are:

• On page optimization – On-page optimization involves all the changes done on your web page directly through coding, meta tags, keyword placements, change in titles, subtitles hypertext links, content placement, anchor text optimization, etc. That is, on-page optimization is related to mainly the structure of the content.

• Off page optimization: Off-page optimization mainly helps in increasing the traffic to your website. This includes website linking, directory submission, blog hosting, forum posting, affiliate marketing, review posting, RSS feed submission, social media optimization, etc.

The various benefits of SEO

Search engine optimization plays one of the most important roles in web marketing. It helps in various ways like:

• Website can be easily found – A website that has a high ranking in search engine can easily be found by the people looking for any particular topic or idea.

• Increases the number of users – SEO increases the number of users visiting your website. The more the number of visitors, the more will be your profit. You will get higher returns from your investments in the business.

• Cost effective – SEO is a cost effective method as you get higher return on your investment.

• Increased credibility – Optimization increases the ranking of your website and this increases the credibility of your website among the people viewing your website.

• Flourishing business – With proper optimization of your page, you will have a flourishing business.

• User-friendly website – Search engine optimization helps you in making your website more user-friendly.

Role of content in SEO

Quality is one of the most important things in improving number of quality visitors to your website. It is essential to add good and relevant content in your website. Only then more and more people will be interested in visiting your website. Your content should be relevant, clear and easy to understand. You should also avoid repeating words or content. The content in your website should be unique and specific to your website.

Ways to boost search engine optimization

There are many ways that can help you boost your SEO efforts. Following are mentioned some of the ways:

1. Social networking – social networking helps you improving your SEO efforts. A vast majority of people uses the social networking sites. Thus, you can promote your website in the various social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg, etc.

2. Forums – You can also start a forum. This helps in drawing more traffic to your website.

3. SEO certification – You should get an SEO certification as most of the people rely on certified sites.

4. Take advice from SEO consultant – You can take advice from a good SEO consultant.
Other than doing the above you should also try to increase the number of indexed pages in the search engine. In addition, you should also increase the number of internal links in your website.

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5 Comments on Search engine optimization helps in internet marketing by Emily Jones

  1. Golden says:

    Very well written blog.

  2. Deborah Fike says:

    One other key to good SEO is making sure that your on page keywords still make sense to the user. It’s a very fine art. Some people think that just blasting your page with keywords will get people to your site. It probably will, but if your page doesn’t make sense to the end user, they won’t stay there. An SEO consultant can help you maintain that delicate balance.

    Great advice on this post!
    Deborah Fike´s last blog post ..New Fellowstream Feature Pages!

  3. Scott Schang says:

    You bring up some very valuable points here. SEO is a valuable and long term strategy for any online marketing presence. The best optimization you can do is to be passionate and find your “voice” – This is where working with someone like yourself becomes even more valuable as SEO alone is never enough. If your site is being found and your message is wrong, you need a plan B.

    Great post Deepak! Keep up the good work.

  4. David Locke says:

    There is internet marketing without SEO?

    SEO can reach beyond the internet to help you build your offers.

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