Businesses are far past an ‘either this or that’ approach to marketing. While each modality of marketing has its own focus, all are necessary. Social media may have the largest impact on pulling people in, but proper email marketing keeps them coming back. Email marketing requires a finesse that carefully navigates the pitfalls of potential customers ignoring messages or unsubscribing from newsletters. Proper etiquette, clear content and the right timing can help a business maintain relationships garnered through social media sources.

The big difference

Some services mistakenly play the same ballgame for their social media campaigns and email follow-ups. Social media is a loud and active engagement. For the most part, producing daily content is the right approach; however, as TriplePundit points out: “Obtaining a Twitter account and bombarding the Internet with information will not work. There is nothing inherently social with pushing out information.” Customers want to see valuable information and interact with it, commenting, liking, sharing and retweeting. Where social media is in the public eye, email remains one of the few intimate avenues still available online.

Email etiquette

The resentment towards telemarketers has transitioned to overly-aggressive email campaigns. Just like a phone call, email is intended to be a private affair. Yet, email blasts rendered for thousands of readers do not always have a personal touch. Email marketers that style content towards the individual are more likely to be read while those that ignore this concept hit the trash folder. Sending too many emails, ignoring options for personalizing content and turning a message into a display of sales banners have a habit of alienating readers.

Concise and clear

With the sheer number of emails hitting inboxes each day, the task of going through messages has become a chore. Many people first glance through to see if an email can just be ignored rather than reading with a positive outlook. This means any little annoyance in an email stands out and users will move on. Some typical email marketing problems include poor subject lines, large blocks of text too lengthy to scan, too many graphics, pushy sales language and poor writing. All the information in an email should be required reading used to engage users to follow links elsewhere that expand on the ideas in the email. The content itself should be a quick read, presented clearly without too much fuss.

Timing is everything

In today’s world, people access their email nearly all day and many get alerts all night. An email that sets a mobile phone ringing at 1 a.m. is likely to go ignored or prompt an unsubscribe. Deciding when to send emails is as important as the content they contain. Working with an email marketing company such as ExactTarget can help businesses prepare a strategy for timing their messages based on customer research. Sending the right email campaign means the audience will not need constant reminders that bombard people with repetitious messages. InstantShift notes a whopping 54 percent of people unsubscribe from emails with content that is too constant.

Where social media leaves off, email marketing takes over. A company with an email list has already established connections to interested parties. The next job requires personally engaging people without pushing them away. Clear and well-written content will be appreciated when it is not cluttered by unnecessary information. A good email can avoid the pitfalls of people unsubscribing but a great email leads users to follow links, contact companies and spread information back into social media. When used properly, an email marketing campaign can feed the social media approach and together they can attract more customers.




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