How is Sports and Marketing Alike?
By Sharron Dark
“Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you do repeatedly.”
-Shaquille O’Neal

In today’s world both sports and marketing are alike keeping your head in the game at all times or risking the price of getting crushed. Marketing and sports have their unique attributions. Sportsmanship is like running a marathon without a cause or recognition, the same as marketing. However, football players try to score with a touch down and big plays occur swiftly.

Marketing is my field of choice to learn and grow with a company to promote their business for stamina and to turn a profit. Like players are born to run and marketers are born to succeed by staying focus. What is marketing? It’s one slice of the pie that is essential and significant. Consequently, the three ingredients of sports and marketing are awareness, effort, and conviction to kick butt and arise from the knowledge and preference to convince fans that you’re number one.

A situation analysis is including a plan for objectives to execute for players and in business. Nevertheless, there are components that must be addressed in marketing, sales promotion (like game tickets), advertising, personal selling activities.
Sports celebrities offer sponsorship marketing for good causes and marketing tactics on and off the basketball court and field. Leadership is a critical element in business markets.
Identifying your audience is an overall company success benefits like sporting events.
For example, there is a tie-in between product (nutrition) Gatorade and the athletes.

A slice-of-life of brand loyalty consumer purchases of a favorite hockey player. Practice makes a perfect common strategy for building and re-building a brand’s image.
A strong brand is the best way to make a sale and business-to-business expenditures.
Sometimes being passive like in sports in a pass rush strategy makes the game a winning success!




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