Steffany Boldrini

Steffany Boldrini

How did the idea for EcoBold begin?

It started out of my desire to teach people how to live healthier while being more sustainable. Today there are too many synthetic ingredients on our products and even our food and we just don’t know the consequences of using them.  Too many people are dying of cancer, too many kids are being born with ADD, autism, down syndrome, and even cancer and I just think that the things we are surrounding ourselves with are the cause of it. Not to mention our planet being depleted by such terrible chemicals and even our animals and oceans suffering

Why did you decide to do video reviews?

Because my initial goal was to be the “” of green products, after looking for about a year, I couldn’t find a decent geeky partner to do the coding so I had to re-strategize for something I could do on my own. Thought about it for a week and ca-me up with this idea! After that I had to learn how to get samples, shoot, edit,, and a million other things that go into shooing a product!

Why did you feel starting was so important?

Because it’s not only showing people alternatives to conventional products, it’s also helping small green companies that are making amazing products while helping our environment. It’s a win-win-win situation!

What would you say to someone wanting to start their own green business?

The first thing I’d make sure they understand is: are you really passionate about this way of life? Because if they’re just doing it for the hype, they won’t go very far. Everything else will be just like running any other kind of business!

What are some ideas you can give people to go green?

– Exercise outdoors

– Get an organic mattress

– Shop with a reusable bag

– Use a reusable water bottle

– Shop at your famers’ market

– Paint your home with VOC free paint

– Use natural cleaning products on your home

– Have a composting bin (if you’ve a backyard)

– Shut down your computer when you leave work

– Bring your own food, utensils and coffee mug to work

What’s next for EcoBold?

We’ll start a non-profit for our One Million Trees Project. Our goal is to plant one million trees in the next year and we’ll have to make it happen!

Steffany’s Bio and contact info:

Steffany is the not only the founder of, but also a contributor for the San Francisco Green Living Examiner,, and an advocate for safer and sustainable products.   EcoBold has recently been nominated one of the Best 11 Green Channels by Green Market along with National Geographic and Daily Science.  They were also a semi finalist on 2009 UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition.  Steffany can be reached at or on

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