KimAdes on February 4th, 2011

At first, I thought that all it was going to do was help me to be a better coach.  Little did I know that I was only scratching the surface of this accidental discovery. I began my coaching business about 6 years ago.  I had a strong instinct about people, but I had absolutely no […]


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One of the biggest mistakes singles can make is to “over-market” themselves, trying to look more impressive than they really are.  This happens when we boast about our Ivy League education (when we went to a community college), when we borrow a friend’s convertible sports car for a date (and say it’s ours) and yes, […]


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When you “market,” you are approaching dating as though it is about persuading rather than connecting.  If you don’t connect, you are storing up a world of trouble down the road.  You may persuade someone to be with you, and then, even if your “product” (the experience of being your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband) […]


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dgupta5150 on December 2nd, 2010

Whether you want to find a mate or a customer, you have to “fill the funnel”. For every person you meet, or every potential customer you contact, only a small percentage will ultimately connect with you or buy your product. If you want more dates or more sales, you need to connect with as many […]


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There are many similarities between business relationships and romantic relationships. Successful businesspeople (men and women) understand these concepts: assets and liabilities (some behaviors add to the value of relationships while others detract value), investments and return on investments (give and take), and updating your customer files frequently (customers’ needs change and so do lovers’ needs […]


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dgupta5150 on November 21st, 2010

How has working virtually improved or impacted your businesses overall productivity? For many people an office space is key to being productive and happy at work. Generally, some one has put thought into everything, your chair will be ergonomic, the air temperature will remain between 68-74 degrees (a cooler employee is a more productive one), […]


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dgupta5150 on November 17th, 2010

By Rosey Dow Summary: It’s easy to find out who your Ideal Clients are, no matter what the economy is like. Here’s how. How do I find ideal clients in this economy? That was a question one attendee asked in a recent panel I hosted, and it’s not the only time I’ve heard such a […]


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dgupta5150 on September 10th, 2010

An event is like DNA, each one has its own genetic code and no two are alike. That is one of the things I love most about creating and planning events. The Event Company designs events with creativity that is purposeful to shape and build meaningful and relevant experiences; no detail is unimportant as it […]


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dgupta5150 on September 9th, 2010

My name is Eton Lacon and my wife Margarette and I founded in 2006 because we felt that there was a need for more positivity in our society. When you walk the streets too many people have negative items that they wear proudly for example the F word or I slept with your man […]


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dgupta5150 on August 20th, 2010

I hired 2 social media consultants. So far the results have been good and worthwhile. My brand is the “Down-to-Earth” doctor, and I provide holistic self help information to the general public. I’m known as the “Down-to-Earth” doctor to my patients because of my personal holistic lifestyle and easy-going teaching ability.  My following is growing […]


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