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dgupta5150 on October 10th, 2010

This economic downturn has made it even more competitive to stay on the radar of a potential employer or client.  One has to be more creative and proactive about helping others. In my circle, moving around companies every few years, job hopping and working for startups is the norm for many aggressive individuals looking to […]


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dgupta5150 on October 3rd, 2010

According to StumbleUpon “StumbleUpon helps you discover and share great websites. As you click Stumble!, we deliver high-quality pages matched to your personal preferences. These pages have been explicitly recommended by your friends or one of 8 million+ other websurfers with interests similar to you. Rating these sites you like automatically shares them with like-minded […]


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dgupta5150 on September 26th, 2010

What is the customer experience? It’s everything customers sense from their encounters with your brands, stores, and businesses. It’s also the portrayal of the current and future encounters and interactions in pictures and narrative.  For many service brands, customer experience is the business strategy that yields sustainable competitive advantage. How is it different from customer […]


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dgupta5150 on September 19th, 2010

WiseStamp Email Signature


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dgupta5150 on September 5th, 2010

Self-starter Jason Morrison helped build Capitol Media Solutions from the ground up, and he has been featured in national media outlets including MSNBC, Entrepreneur, and Business Week for his establishment’s work. As a principal at Capitol Media Solutions, Morrison says CMS has increased sales by 500 percent in just the past two years. He attributes a […]


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dgupta5150 on September 1st, 2010

So what is Tech Journal South?  Tell us about their history and whom you are trying to reach. Tech Journal South evolved from Triangle Tech Journal.  The company hosts the Southeast Venture Conference.  We then expanded the publication to the entire Southeastern United States.  We typically focus on high-end stories involving CEOs, top level and […]


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dgupta5150 on August 29th, 2010

Today I have the chance to open my discussion with one of my Twitter friends, Susan Singer about Product Management.  Through networking, I learn new concepts and today Susan will share her thoughts about an knowledge (intangible) products. Susan, you’ve been engaged in product management – but not the kind most people think of. Do […]


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Interview with Ann Middleman of ADM Marketing & Research Consulting, which helps companies become knowledge-driven rather than assumption-driven through primary and secondary research What types of marketing research do you do? Do you specialize in a particular industry or population group? Mainly, I conduct surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews, and I’ve worked in just […]


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dgupta5150 on August 22nd, 2010

Via Twitter, I was recently introduced to an amazing Iraq-based non-profit called the Preemptive Love Coalition (PLC). They work to provide “lifesaving heart surgeries for Iraqi kids in pursuit of peace between communities at odds.” Such good news from Iraq is rare, so I decided to set up an interview and learn a little more. […]


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dgupta5150 on August 20th, 2010

Alexander Bartosch, Founder of and How has working virtually improved or impacted your businesses overall productivity? For many people an office space is key to being productive and happy at work. Generally, some one has put thought into everything, your chair will be ergonomic, the air temperature will remain between 68-74 degrees (a […]


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