A Problem of Perception: Dot-coms vs. Social Media Marketing Ever since the buzz about the ‘coming tech bubble’ started – roughly speaking, sometime in the last month—I’ve noticed myself having this conversation a lot: Some Guy: Where did you say you work again, man? Me: I work at [a locally well-known marketing and SEO company.] […]


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I run a content marketing and online publicity startup, called SixEstate Communications. We have a full-time team of three. I’m located in NYC; my partner, Steve, is in Virginia; and our head editor and publicist, Tatyana, is in New Orleans. We also work with a network of freelance journalists and editors scattered across the country. […]


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Skype is the ‘Jetsons’ philosophy for communications. I started using Skype to talk ‘eye-to-eye’ with my sister across the country. Then, when I found it was more than a novelty, I began to encourage various colleagues to get on Skype. At first, using the tool was a bit uncomfortable, because I didn’t know how to […]


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James Reinhart By James Reinhart, Chief Knitwit at – thredUP is a new kids clothing exchange platform.  The service allows busy parents to exchange boxes of outgrown kids clothing for stuff that fits.  The company recently raised 1.4M in VC funding. So you’ve got this idea for a product. You pull a few friends […]


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dgupta5150 on October 7th, 2010

While looking for a good Skype Video Recording Tool I reached out on my Twitter account and asked for a recommendation. Look whom I ran across. The Founder of VodBurner – Jeremy Hague. Because Jeremy and his team were so helpful, I thought that I would ask more about Australia-based VodBurner:


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