Call it the 1 page Solo Sheet, Resume Companion or Networking Sheet. Tim Tyrell-Smith’s post at inspired me to do this after many years of working without a great mentor to guide me through my career.

I can’t recall how many times people would suggest that I apply to companies that did not fit my persona. I would attend a networking event, the woman next to me is trying to be nice by telling me that I should work for a bank and go on, and on about it until I ask her “What do you know about working for companies like Google or MTV?”

The conversation stopped and she said to me, I have no idea about those industries – I only know banking. The point here is that you could speak to someone – a recruiter or someone you are networking with and they will suggest what has worked for them. The caveat here is what works for me will not always work for you.

Instead of getting frustrated and feeling as if people do not understand what your dream companies or industries are – make it simple for them and use the Solo Sheet.

The Solo Sheet is a 1 pager that highlights your work history, accomplishments and shows where you want to be. Guess what, you get to express where you want to go with your career with this tool.

Believe me, when you show the Solo Sheet to people within your network, you simplify things for them and they won’t suggest jobs or companies that would not even cross your mind. The Solo Sheet eliminates distraction.

Please feel free to add comments or ask questions. If you want to see an example, I will be more than happy to provide mine.  This is about you!

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