Getting in trouble on the job is easier than most employees think. Even without trying, a conscientious worker may inadvertently cross the line and do something that is against company rules. Below are four tips for staying out of trouble while on the job.


Be truthful.


Although most of us try to tell the truth most of the time, sometimes it is tempting to leave out important facts or change things around slightly. But when discovered, these untruths can lead to serious consequences with employers. Let your supervisor know if you are having problems with equipment or coworkers, and ask for help if needed. Always be honest about job-related issues, including reasons for absenteeism.


Be diligent.


It’s perfectly fine to take lunch breaks and maybe short restroom breaks during the work day. But arriving early, leaving late, and being negligent on the job amounts to stealing from the company. Talking too much to coworkers or customers or doing personal things on the job, like making personal phone calls or cleaning out your wallet, is inappropriate. Provide a full day’s work for a full day’s pay. Anything less is unfair and unethical.


Be safe.


Follow company policies and procedures. Don’t take shortcuts to save time or money. Check the work area daily for potential problems, and report broken equipment or safety hazards to the proper officials. Failure to do so may result in injury to the employee or others. If a possible safety issue becomes evident, even if there is no policy to manage it, let the supervisor know so protective steps can be taken.


Be compliant.


Sometimes, whether asked or not, you may be willing to work overtime on a special project or rush delivery. Although your intentions are good, working beyond the position’s stated hours in the job description may violate company policy or applicable labor laws. For example, there are mandatory Connecticut labor laws on overtime, and it is likely that most states have similar laws. Check with a supervisor before working additional time beyond the usual workday schedule.


Being competent at your job requires attention to all rules and guidelines. Failure to follow company policies or local labor laws can lead to serious problems for the company and you. To ensure continued success at your job and to build a promising future, always play by the rules and give your best efforts. Your cooperation will be noticed and apprciated.




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