Fully holistic marketing plan

Fully holistic marketing plan

The most effective online marketing requires a diversified approach. It’s not enough to, for instance, pour every ounce of your energy into ranking high in organic search for a handful of keywords. Nor is it going to work for you to focus your efforts solely on banner ads. Email marketing only works well if you get a lot of opt-ins—which requires you to have a strong online presence.

Nope, this game is not for the single-minded or those with tunnel vision. You have to explore all avenues. To be fully effective, you need to use a wide range of interrelated promotional tools. Each of these campaigns supports one another, with crossover encouraged. Some of the key ingredients in a well-rounded online marketing campaign include the following:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization is the practice of making your site as friendly as possible to search engines to increase your visibility to potential customers. The most basic SEO techniques include using effective page titles and meta tags. Ensure that each page on your site is about a single, clear topic. Optimize for keywords related to your subject; however, be sure not to overstuff, which can cause search engines to block you. Effective SEO also includes creating many backlinks from relevant sites, to show search engines that your industry considers your site important. Some ways you can gain these valuable links are through link exchanges, guest blog posts or through reviews of your product. There are a million and one articles out there to tell you how to get started optimizing your website: This article is a pretty good overview of the basics, but remember that the information it provides is just to get you started thinking in the right direction.

Content Marketing
Also known as inbound marketing, content marketing brings potential buyers to your site by first giving away useful information. Types of content used for marketing includes blog posts, articles and eBooks. Content marketing is great for SEO since Google gives preference to regularly updated sites. The regular updates also give customers reasons to return to your site. And, this method helps establish your business as an authority in your industry, building trust with potential customers.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
At the most basic level, PPC is the art of leveraging Google AdWords to bring the most motivated traffic to your website, helping you get eyeballs on your website in searches including the keywords describing your product that are likely to convert. Advertising spots are available on a wide range of websites. Usually, these ads are paid for on a pay per click basis. Pay per click costs can vary based on the popularity of the site and the competition for the key words you would like to use. You can make the most out of a pay per click campaign by making sure that clicks bring users to a page that relates directly to the ad that they clicked. If you have a locally oriented business, you can save money and get more relevant results by using geo-targeting, which will only show your ad to people within a specific geographic area. For instance, you don’t want to waste clicks advertising your New York catering company to people in Texas.

Email Marketing
Used cautiously and judiciously, email marketing can be highly effective. Many sites use opt-in lists, where customers sign up to receive specials and discounts. You can also send out a regular email newsletter to keep your company in the minds of your customers. Under no circumstances should you ever send unsolicited sales emails. This is considered spam, and is universally considered an unethical, and in most cases illegal, business tactic. Email marketing is an aggressive tactic. It puts you into the personal mind-space of (hopefully, if you did your list-building the right way) your ideal consumer.  But these relationships are very delicate due to their intimate context.  Campaigns have been minutely calibrated and personalized in order to really be effective.  There are a number of different types of email marketing software to help you with this.

Social Media Marketing
Social media sometimes seems like sorcery. There are a lot of myths, superstitions and abstract mystical beliefs that hover around it as a marketing discipline. But it’s the fastest growing search engine ranking factor, and if you are in a competitive industry, you ignore social at your peril. Social media includes sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other sites where people connect and share messages and content. Creating a relevant and interesting presence on these sites is an increasingly common and effective marketing tactic. Try to avoid being overly promotional on these sites. Social media experts recommend no more than one or two overtly promotional messages per 10 messages sent. Make an effort to engage users by replying to comments and creating easily sharable messages.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Getting users to your site is not enough. Once they are there, you need those views to convert to sales. Conversion rate optimization involves adjusting elements of your site so that viewers are more likely to become buyers. You can track the proportion of what viewers buy through user analytics. Common CRO techniques include testing different headlines and subheadings to see which converts better and making your site’s navigation as friendly and intuitive as possible.




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24 Comments on The Total Marketing Plan: Diversifying your Online Marketing Efforts to Hedge for Success

  1. These are all very important aspects of a good digital PR campaign. You really need to be sure all your bases are covered

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  4. These are all very important aspects of a good digital PR campaign. You really need to be sure all your bases are covered.

  5. Divyesh says:

    Now a days without marketing cant do any thing so the tips is advisable so thanks for the blog.

  6. Rahul Vyas says:

    Hi, Deepak

    You have done a really great job , I do agree with you, SEO, SEM, PPC and social media marketing are best platform for marketing, i also believe in email marketing. Thanks
    Rahul Vyas´s last blog post ..How to Build E-Commerce Web Store

  7. Very well explained. I really like the thought of this article. It makes real sense. I definitely agree with this. Having a total marketing plan would lead to a greater success. This requires a tough effort. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  8. It’s certainly a daunting process for those starting out, and learning what they need to do.
    ban can ho phuc yen 2´s last blog post ..Tin tức bất động sản chứng khoán tăng do đồng Yên Nhật

  9. Thanks for this Deepak. I’m a big fan of planning, as long as it goes hand in hand with action and flows from a clear vision, purpose and identity.

  10. Rissian65 says:

    Thank you for this posting. I think it would be helpful for all. Personally I like this post.radiation monitoring

  11. tishacar says:

    This was a really good ready. In my opinion the top 3 are content marketing aka inbound marketing, social media and email marketing.. Social Media will never go away on the what social network we will be on changes every couple of years (what’s popular)

  12. IndexFirst says:

    Good info, however, it all depends mainly on your target audience and your marketing is going on a long term or short term strategy. For example, if you are looking for fast response and have list of your own, email marketing will give the best results.

  13. Yaking says:

    Honestly, I’m so glad that I am part of your site because you give me a lot of reason to be more inspired in my life today! Hope to see more of your good post next time.

  14. Nell Best says:

    It is true that SEO is transforming in the course of time. It’s really important to understand the reason for diversification of SMO and SEO approach in 2013. Thanks for the list of tips! Definitely worth implementing in my marketing plan.

  15. Good article Deepak. I often find that my clients have tunnel vision when it comes to their online marketing. However, I like to go with long term solutions.

    I am focusing on now, seo and getting rankings, local google places listings, reviews and reputation so they stand out in search and social media with facebook.

    Then I encourage content creation so we can get fresh content on their sites and also inside facebook posts, build engagement and followers.

    Bookmarking this site, surely to visit again.
    Glen@SEO Sunshine Coast´s last blog post ..How To Reduce the Bounce Rate In Google Analytics If You Use WordPress

  16. Belajar Seo says:

    Terima kasih atas informasinya, saya mau tanya. Apa ada tutorial untuk blogger? soalnya blog saya itu memakai hosting blogspot. Ohh ya, anda bisa mencari tutorial menarik di blog saya ini..

  17. Atlanta Realtor says:

    It’s certainly a daunting process for those starting out, and learning what they need to do.

  18. Andy P@seo tips
    Twitter: AndyP_cymmo

    Some good points here but probably need to go into more depth as some of the aspects go really deep. Like rabbit hole deep! Having said that if someone followed all the tips on here they should see an increase in their traffics levels.
    Andy P@seo tips´s last blog post ..Certain Types of Link Building is NOT good for your site

  19. Such an interesting read. I’ve bookmarked this page because I will have to come back to it at a later date.

  20. It is very important for any business to have a Total Marketing Plan. Every business should be studied first before launching it. An Online business is far more different from offline business for Online has a huge number of competitors. Thanks for narrowing down these ideas. I really like your work.
    Dorothy@Internet Marketing´s last blog post ..Social Media Consulting

  21. Deepak,

    Great article. Diversity is definitely the key – if you didn’t realise it before, with the latest algorithm updates that have affected a lot of rankings, if you didn’t have diversity you’d struggle. Guess that’s the same for any business.

    It’s certainly a daunting process for those starting out, and learning what they need to do.

    Think you also missed one big thing in there – Product Creation. I think that that can often be the gel that holds everything else together in the most ‘sticky’ way possible.

    Keep up the fantastic work – I’ve read quite a few of your articles, this being the first that I’ve commented on.


    George@SEM Queensland´s last blog post ..SEM Bridgeman Downs – Local SEM Services for Aspley, Carseldine, Albany Creek and McDowall

  22. Jerry@real estate website design says:

    An online business is no less as compared to any other business. The strategy and plans are important factors for success with an online business.

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