Victoria  Staten

Victoria Staten

No one person can build a brand.  Every employee at every company is by far the best ambassador for the brand that exists.  “I heard that company X”” treats their employees really well.  They have really high standards. Customer service is really important to them…”  These kind of comments are what people remember.   Your employees need to be treated well so that treat their customers and vendors well.  People want to do business with happy people who like their company.

If your employees, customers and vendors touch just one person a day, that ripple effect will influences tens of thousands of people to seek out the brand or company.

People think that in the early days of Kenneth Cole our shoes just sold. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We struggled season after season, dealing with poor seller after poor seller.  It was what we sold in that got us in the door, it was how worked through the issues and opportunities that built the business.   It was our relationships and the spread of our Corporate Mojo that built the empire.

In other words, it was the people that made the real difference.  It was the team – not the product.

When employees are happy they tell others.  Those whom they tell pass on the good energy to people they know.  It’s also how you treat your vendors and customers.

I have turned 3 committed BMW drivers from purchasing a new BMW after the horrible service I received from BMW North America upon filing a complaint.

I read a statistic once that only 1 out of 50 good stories about a product or service gets passed along, yet 1 in 10 negative situations are repeated or shared, and usually those stories are told with much more passion, making it that much more memorable.

Networking and word of mouth advertising is THE most effective form of marketing that exists.  So many companies focus on things they can purchase like H.R. programs, and processes.  They forget that their employees, customers and vendors are the single best resource they have to explode their marketing efforts.  Every one of the individuals that touch the company first hand has a network.  And whether the Chief Marketing Officer likes it or not – their perception of the company will spread throughout that network.

The CMO better be sure that what that employee, vendors and customers are saying is what the company wants the world to hear.

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5 Comments on Victoria Staten and Networking

  1. A work mate linked me to this site. Thank you for the details.

  2. Hi Deepak,

    You have made some excellent points here. I couldn’t agree more with your phrase “people want to do business with happy people who like their company.”

    I’m a strong believer that it is the employees (people) that make a company what it is. The biggest corporations in the world would be nothing without the hard working and SATISFIED folks that are behind them. Keep your employees happy and they will be more motivated to help you grow.

    Oddly enough, I was having this conversation with my father today. We were talking about the difference between US and European multinationals – how they treat their employees and how important community engagement is to each. Big difference at all levels.

    Skipping to Word of mouth – it is indeed a very powerful medium. I live in a small country where most people know each other. One bad experience with someone or a company – and you can be sure that word will get around in no time. For some reason, people prefer to share the bad experiences – it’s almost like a blow-off session. They want to be heard – and very often – people are listening.

    This is a great read Deepak. Thanks a lot for sharing it.
    Ingrid Abboud´s last blog post ..The History of the iPhone

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